【Cup Noodle Challenge】The Top 5 Japanese Spicy Instant Cup Noodles

“Manpuku” is a popular Japanese drama modeled on the life of Momofuku Ando, inventor of one of the most popular food, instant noodles. Taking inspiration from his life, we called for a poll to seek for the best spicy instant cup noodles. Three judges tried and voted on a variety of Japanese instant noodles sold by established and new sellers alike. With a theme of “Spiciness”, the top 5 instant cup noodles of Japan were ranked.


“Uma-spicy” (roughly means “hot and tasty”) is a completely unique genre and this flavor has become really popular worldwide. Check out the 5 best spicy cup noodles that will stimulate your taste buds to the extreme.


Here are the judges!

Noodle Creator · Ichiro Yamato

He studies the relationship between Showa’s economic history and instant noodles for years. He has also consumed instant noodles as meals daily for the last 30 years and has eaten close to 10,000 meals.


Food Analyst · Hideaki Nakayama

He is a writer who reviews food. He has tried cups noodles, bag noodles or any other type of noodles and writes the article.


GetNavi Food editor · Shoko Suzuki

She used to eat cup noodles at a candy store during her childhood.  Cup noodles are must-bring when she hikes.


No.5 Hot and spicy taste with plenty of pepper!

Isoyama Shoji

R-18 Cup-Men

1080 yen ($ 9.82)

Unique cup noodles containing a whole painful hot pepper “Bhut Jolokia”. The curry powder has a flaming spicy heat so be prepared for the hotness.


No.4 Authentic dry hot pepper noodles that tastes amazingly HOT!


Newtouch THE Dan Dan Noodles with Sichuan pepper

Actual price 204 yen ($ 1.85)

This instant noodle is characterized by the Sichuan pepper (Hua Jiao). Enjoy a full-fledged spicy sauce mix of sesame flavor coated around the moist and thick noodles.


No.3 Kimchi suppress the acidity and taste well with the noodles!


Spicy Kimchi Ramen

Actual price 180 yen ($ 1.64)

The noodles are smooth mouthfeel and chewy with the air dried Chinese cabbage kimchi adding a refreshing taste to them and reducing the acidity.


This is easy to eat even if you don’t prefer spicy flavor.

Kimchi ramen represents Korean taste! The hotness of the soup is mild and can therefore be eaten by people who do not like spicy food. (Mr Yamato)


No.2 Spicy miso soup and Chinese cabbage kimchi make a good combo!


Maruchan Kimchi Miso Ramen (Extra Spicy)

Actual price 227 yen ($ 2.06)

Spicy miso soup complements the smoothness of the instant noodles and offers a delightful sharp spiciness. Two varieties of freeze-dried kimchi are included as condiments.


An outstanding and memorable taste with a sense of accomplishment

A rich thick spicy miso soup paired with authentic freeze dried kimchi make these instant noodles great! You will feel a sense of accomplishment after eating these noodles. (Mr Yamato)


No.1 A superb spicy combination of noodle, chili, seafood and meat!


Red Pepper Noodle

Actual price 116 yen ($ 1.05)

A luxurious instant cup noodle featuring a pork bone based soup that contains seafood, beef essence and roasted peppers. You can add more chili to these noodles to enhance the flavor.


The spiciness is intense and irrepressible.

As pepper is kneaded in this noodle, the more it is chewed, the spicier it becomes. First of all, beef, next seafood taste spread to the mouth. It is also good to be able to raise stimulus with spicy powder for adjustment! (Mr Yamato)


The hotness is overwhelming.

These noodles are spicy, but there is also rich umami and delicious taste of seafood and beef taste. As you go eating, gradually increasing in hotness. It is better that shrimps are included! (Mr Nakayama)



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