【Review】A Thorough Test between Panasonic and Dyson Hair Dryer

Panasonic Hair Dryer nanocare EH-NA9A and Dyson Supersonic hair dryer are the two top selling hair dryers. If you are looking for the best hair dryer, you should definitely check out these two. While Panasonic incorporated mineral minus ions that are known to improve the quality of hair. Dyson’s high speed airflow dries hair quickly right from the base to the edges. The question now arises, which of these two hair dryers should you purchase since both have excellent features? This article provides a detailed review of the features of both products to help you better your choice.

Entry No. 1: Improves hair quality while drying with double mineral minus ion

Panasonic Hair Dryer nanocare EH-NA9A

Actual Price 19,520 yen ($177.45)

The Panasonic Hair Dryer is one of the best hair dryers and is known for the nano heating technology generating “mineral minus ions” that improve hair moisture content while drying. Fine particle Nano ions and mineral minus ions are generated as the two zinc electrodes in this Panasonic Hair Dryer tightens the user’s hair cuticle. This helps to suppress frictional damage of the hair. Furthermore, the damage of ultraviolet rays will be minimized. The Panasonic Hair Dryer nanocare EH-NA9A comes with haircare switching mode for thorough use. You can switch from scalp mode to intensive hair care mode to work from the scalp to the tip of the hair.

SPEC: Dimensions and Weight W214 × D92 × H228mm / Approximately 575g (Not Including Set Nozzle) ● Power Consumption / 1200 W (Turbo / Hot) ● Air Volume / Approximately 1.3m³ / min (at Turbo) ● Cord Length / Approximately 1.7m ● Accessories / set nozzle


Entry No. 2: High speed airflow gently and quickly dries hair from root to the tip

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Actual Price 48,600 yen ($ 441.82)

This hair dryer is compact but is equipped with the “Dyson Digital Motor V9” that rotates up to 8 times faster than a general dryer motor. Although the maximum temperature of the hot air is 100 °C, there is no hair damage due to this excessive heat. The air is amplified 3 times as the air streams out at high speeds and dries hair really quickly. The Dyson hair dryer also has an “Intelligent Heat Control” feature that helps in regulating air temperature to suppress hair damage.

SPEC: Dimensions and Weight – W78 × D97 × H245 mm / Approximately 630g ● Power Consumption / 1200W (Max) ● Air Volume / Approximately 2.4 m³ / min ● Cord Length / Approximately 1.9m ● Accessories – Dyson Smoothing Nozzle, Dyson Styling Concentrator, Dyson diffuser

Test results of Panasonic Hair Dryer nanocare EH-NA9A

Multifunctional device that needs getting used to

↑ This is the wind temperature switching button. The temperature can be set to different modes through the “TURBO · DRY” and “SET” buttons but finding the right mode can be difficult at times and often leads to confusion. Remembering all the modes takes some time

The design of this Panasonic dryer is the regular old-fashioned air regulator attached to the grip handle with power switches installed at the side. There are different power levels such as “OFF”, “SET”, “DRY” and “TURBO” to help in switching temperatures and regulating air speeds. The controls are a bit complicated and can take a little getting used to. For example, when you switch to either “TURBO · DRY”, the wind temperature switching button makes it capable to switch “intelligent hot air mode with long press → hot rhythm mode → cool air mode → scalp mode”. You may also switch to “hot low wind mode → hair end intensive care mode → skin mode → scalp mode” by putting the power button on “SET”.


Sometimes it feels heavy while swinging in a high position

This hair dryer has an orthodox design with a large air regulator that is slightly heavy when you try to hold it higher. Your hands will get tired while drying the top of your head. Moving it from the scalp to the tip of the hair may also be difficult due to the bulky head.


The body can be folded and the cord is not bulky

↑ You can fit it easily in the drawer beneath the wash basin and still have space to spare!

Ease of storage is an important factor to consider while choosing a hair dryer or any personal care device. Although the main body itself is huge, the handle part can be folded and the device becomes easier to keep.


Furthermore, the ring-shaped hanging loop is attached to the base of the power cord and you can leave it resting on an S-shaped hook. Storing the cord of the Panasonic hair dryer is simple since it is quite thin. Usually you wrap the cord around the body of the dryer since they are so bulky but this can break the wire inside the cord. However, with the Panasonic hair dryer, you don’t have to coil the cord since it’s not bulky at all.

↑ The cord does not get in the way since it is thin and soft!

The next point to consider is the maintenance part. This is surprisingly troublesome! Firstly a cotton swab has to be used to clear the dust from the air suction port and the hot air outlet. This is followed by cleaning dirt from the nanoe and mineral minus ion outlets. It is a cumbersome task due to the multiple openings. Fortunately maintenance is required only once a month, so this is still acceptable.

↑ Nanoe and Mineral minus Ion are emitted through the air outlet. The outlets must be kept clean and dust must not be allowed to accumulate

Test results of Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

There are few operation buttons, you can handle easily

↑ You can set the air volume (strong, medium, weak) with the left button and the temperature (high temperature, medium temperature, low temperature) with the right button

The shape of Dyson hair dryer is different from general hair dryers and it feels different while using as well. Let’s check the various controls and features of this dryer. There are only few operation buttons, including the power and air volume (3 steps) button, temperature (3 steps) and cool shot button. Hence, operating this device is quite simple.


The air volume and temperature controls on this hair dryer can only be set after the device has been turned on. Therefore, caution is needed for the direction of the wind. If not handled cautiously it can blow off papers or other light objects near you and create a mess.


Good balance of center of gravity, feels lighter than it actually is

Dyson has a good design that distributes the weight such that the handle is located at the center of the head. This makes the device feel much lighter than it actually is. Also, the head is short so you do not need to raise your arm higher to reach the back of your head and the arms don’t get tired. Despite being small in size, the dryer has really high power and this is due to the “Dyson Digital Motor V9”. The design was made such that the motor fitted in the head could be supported by the handle.


Neither the device nor the cord can be folded!

↑ It seems compact at first glance but it cannot fit into drawers because of the long handle

Storing this device can be challenging since the handle of the device cannot be folded to make it compact. The length of the handle is also long and requires more storage space. The thick and inelastic cord is difficult to coil up and store away as it re-coils itself. This device needs quite some place for itself as compared to the Panasonic hair dryer.

↑ You can store it behind the mirror if there’s space

↑ If you decide to keep the accessories together, it will end up taking more space

↑ Because of the inelastic and thick cord, this device becomes bulky and takes up more space than needed

On the bright side, the Dyson hair dryer is easier to clean. All you need to do is clean the dust out from the mesh-shaped mouthpiece around the base of the cord. Nonetheless, this device is more prone to dust accumulation even if you clean it often.

↑ Remove the mesh filter to clear the dust stuck inside


Dyson is easier to handle while Panasonic is easier to store

In this article we reviewed the pros and cons of both the Panasonic hair dryer and the Dyson hair dryer.


The Panasonic hair dryer has a classic design but the controls are new and complicated. This often confuses the user and switching modes need to be memorized to achieve the intended temperature. Also, the head of this device is bulk so it can be tiring for the arms when lifted high after a short while. Meanwhile, it is easy to store despite its size since the handle part is foldable and the base of the cord has a ring-shaped loop that can be used to hang this dryer up.


The Dyson dryer is easier to use, feels lighter in the hand and has some amazing but simple features that are easy to understand. You don’t get tired while using this device and the head is small that makes it easy to handle. However, it is difficult to store because the handle cannot be folded. It requires a larger storage space.


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