10000 Roses Café Cebu is so Romantic as the Flowers Shine like Diamonds at Night

Cebu Island is situated in the central part of the Philippines and the dynamic island has now been established as a major tourist destination that is popular amongst international tourists. However, there is a buzzing topic that has brought Cebu to the limelight and that is the beautiful and romantic 10,000 Roses Café & More. The attractions of this café are the backdrop formed by 10,000 roses made of LED lighting at night.


The 10,000 Roses Café & More is surrounded by 10,000 artificial roses and is the perfect place to spend a romantic moment with your loved one.

The café was designed by Miguel Cho, an up-and-coming young interior designer. He was emboldened by the passion to create a romantic space where couple would love to spend their time at. This is also a great place if a proposal is in the works, as the entire ambiance with white roses all round creates the perfect setting for unforgettable proposals.


However, instead of growing roses in pots and planting them around the café, LED lighting roses were installed all around the premise. By doing so, the owner succeeded in creating a pure garden of white roses during the day, which turned into an amazing sight of diamonds in the night.

The beautiful rose garden during the day. From the day of commencement, it has become a popular destination in Cebu


When the 10,000 Roses Café and More opened in February 2017, this café at the end of the Mactan Island quickly became a popular spot for locals in the city. During daytime, friends and family members visit this café to relax and chill. At night, couples and couples-to-be stream to this café for some quiet and romantic moments.


The café has two floors, and there are three spaces with tables and chairs on indoor area, rooftop deck, outdoor seating area looking out towards the sea. The rooftop deck and the outdoor seating area are more popular than the indoor area since you can enjoy the gentle breeze of the sea while enjoying the wonderful time. With excellent house coffee and the exceptional view of Cebu City here, the reason to visit Cebu is more compelling with the opening of this fabulous café.

The café faces the sea with the tables located indoors, outdoors, and on the rooftop deck


Content/ MIKA … Two years since she began living in Cebu. She shares the charms of Cebu while experiencing life with the locals.

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Note: This article is a reprint of the contents published in the in-flight magazine “Vanilla press 2017 November – 2018 February issue” of Vanilla Air.


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