3 Delicious Local foods found only in the Kochi prefecture

Kochi Castle

The Kochi prefecture lies just next to the Pacific Ocean. It boasts beautiful and abundant nature that offers amazing produce from the land, sea and mountain. Other than the migratory Bonito fish, there are more local gourmet food to be discovered here. We have listed 3 of Kochi’s specialty food products including Bonito flakes, sweet potato fries and a fruity drink to down all of this.

1: Fluffy and soft Bonito flakes with delicious fragrance!

Shintani Store
Fine Soda-bushi (Bonito Flakes)

The Tamago Kake Gohan (raw egg over rice) is a popular breakfast dish in Japan and is one of the staple foods for Japanese. Working adults generally lead busy lives and they cannot afford to spend time cooking. So here’s where you can add some of these Shintani Store Fine Soda-bushi that will cover the burnt taste and enhance the flavor. The more bonito flakes you add, the more delicious the dish becomes.


This recipe is highly recommended for those who love the raw egg over rice meal. The richness and fragrance of bonito flakes and eggs combined is irresistible. You must definitely try this luxurious breakfast with the bonito flakes from Kochi.

The bonito flakes with the egg look luxurious and increase your appetite!

The bonito flakes are crammed in the pack looking a little stingy but once you open the lid you will see that the amount of flakes is amazing. This product costs 378 yen ($ 3.44).


2: A favorite potato snack grown from Kochi’s Shimanto River stream water!

Nangoku Confectionery
Candied Sweet Potato Fries

Nankoku Confectionery Co., Ltd. has been making sweet potato and rice confectionery in Shimanto, Kochi for half a century now. The fresh produces from Kochi are exceptionally held in high regard as this place is famous for the clear and pristine Shimanto River along with the expansive natural environments. Due to the constant supply of clear water, the sweet potatoes grown in the region are delicious and rich in minerals. This special product is also known as the “Imo-Kenpi” and is one of Kochi’s specialty food.

Perfect snack at home! They are loved by people of all ages, from children to elderly people

These finely chopped sweet potato fries have a strong caramel flavour that gives them a delicious aroma, sugary taste and a crispy texture. This is far more addictive than the average chips that you can find in the supermarket. A packet of this sweet potato fries is a gem and costs only 409 yen ($ 3.72). It’s really hard to find such an amazing sweet in a convenience store.


3: A juice that is refreshing and nutritious for children!

JA Umaji Agricultural Cooperative

Gokkun Umaji-Mura

Located on the eastern side of Kochi, the Umaji Village was originally known for forestry activities. Over the years, the village started growing yuzu (a citrus fruit) to replace the dying forestry industry in Japan. Presently, this village is now the top yuzu producer throughout Japan. When you visit this famous tourist destination, you can see yuzu trees lining by the Umaji village as their citrusy scent drifts everywhere. There is even a railroad known as “Yuzu Road” that used to transport logs cut down from the mountain. This forest railroad is certified as a Japanese heritage site in 2017.

When you open the lid, the scent of Yuzu will fill the entire room

The Umaji Village cultivated yuzu with the idea to launch a drink that can be enjoyed by children as well as adults. Using water from the clear Yasuda River flowing through the village, honey and their priced yuzu are added to produce this sweet drink. The scent of yuzu burst out when you open the bottle cap that spreads swiftly to fill the entire room. It is a very refreshing drink and comes in a 180ml bottle costing 129 yen ($1.17).



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