3 Local Gourmet Delights found in Yamaguchi

Which gourmet delights do you consider as specialty food of the Yamaguchi prefecture? When Japanese are posed with this question, most of them will surely reply with “Pufferfish” or “Mandarin Orange”. Although this is true, but pufferfish and mandarin orange are not frequently eaten by the people of Yamaguchi. Well, so what are some Yamaguchi specialty foods that people who are living there actually eat on a regular basis? If you want to know, read on to find out.


No.1 You’ll get addicted once you start eating! Seaweed seasoning comes in different flavours

Hagi Inoue

Shiso Seaweed Seasoning

The “Shiso Seaweed Seasoning” is made of Japanese basil, Shiso and dried seaweed and it is moist and flavoursome. It is loved by most Yamaguchi residents who would have responded with “I have eaten it before” when asked. Some of seaweed seasoning has a strong scent of the sea, but this Hagi Inoue’s seasoning is easy to eat because Shiso and bonito stock is working well. It is also compatible with other side dishes.


The taste of this Shiso is more like aromatic and fresh rather than sour, sesame is also included and the coloring is also the best. You can sprinkle it on a bowl of rice, mix it in rice balls or simply garnish your dish with it. Once you have tried it, you will find yourself getting addicted to it. It is totally worth buying back home on your next visit to the Yamaguchi Prefecture. One 90g bag of this seasoning costs 321 yen ($ 2.92).

The seaweed garnish tastes delicious when added to fried chicken and udon noodles

Apart from the original flavour introduced above, this seaweed seasoning comes in flavours such as mandarin orange and spicy fish roe.


No.2 The fishcake is a masterpiece with irresistible texture and fine taste!

You can add wasabi or perilla leaves to this fantastic fishcake dish. It is a popular souvenir for tourists

Murata Kamaboko

Special Fish Cake

Many people are not familiar with the concept of enjoying traditional Japanese New Year food like Kamaboko (fishcake), Udon noodles or Osechi (Japanase auspicious dishes) during the festive period. They are simple yet delicious Japanese delicacies worth trying.


The “Murata Kamaboko Special Fish Cake” here is a gem of Yamaguchi that you must taste by all means. The Yamaguchi prefecture is surrounded by the sea on three sides and is famous for its Kamaboko district where a large number of producers excel in fishcake products. Among all, this recommended shop produces their fishcake with irresistible texture and affordable price.

Their well-known special fishcake has a refreshing taste similar to sashimi with pure white colour and it is frequently served at local pubs accompanied by wasabi and liquor.


The only fresh ingredient used as shown on the packet is fish and the locals often boast about this delicious fishcake product. This comfort food is worth trying as a specialty of Yamaguchi. A 170g pack of fishcake costs 432 yen ($ 3.93).


No.3 Yamaguchi’s Baumkuchen made from local eggs

Izumo Farm

Toritama Baum

The first two recommended Yamaguchi gourmet foods were produced by established local businesses. However, this last product, Baumkuchen (Layered Cake), is a recent addition to our list of Yamaguchi specialties by a new company, Izumo Farm.


Izumo Farm produces local eggs from Yamaguchi prefecture. Toritama Baum is made from rice flour from Yamaguchi prefecture and eggs raised by eating rice for feed from Yamaguchi Prefecture. It is characterized by a very gentle taste due to not using flour. You will notice that they are made from high quality ingredients if you eat it.

The fluffy and gentle cake is divided into small pieces, you can eat as much as you like and keep the unfinished ones. The cake tastes great even when served at room temperature

The Izumo Farm is a reliable company that has pride using the best high quality ingredients in their products. Their products are trusted among the locals and safe for children’s consumption. One packet costs 200 yen ($ 1.82).

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