4 Enjoyable Attractions to Experience in Hawaii during Winter

In Hawaii, there are only two seasons – summer and winter. Even during winter, there are still many incredible activities in Hawaii to experience for an amazing vacation. We have listed 4 of the best attractions in Hawaii that you can add to your itinerary when you escape the harsh winter.


  1. 1: Whale watching to enjoy the magnificence of the humpback whales

  2. Photo courtesy of Hawaii State Tourist Board

    Whale watching is a must-do activity in Hawaii during winter. Every year, between the months of December and April, humpback whales migrate from the Gulf of Alaska to the warm waters of Hawaii for breeding, childbirth, and nursing of their offspring. You can look out on any winter day and catch sights of these majestic whales frolicking just off the shores.

    Maui is one of the famous spots for whale watching and you may also catch a glimpse of the humpbacks from the shores of Oahu Island. Since the whales are often seen along the shores, the lucky ones can perhaps spot them at the Makapuu Cape or from the Waikiki beach without going to the waters. There are also dozen of whale watch cruises that bring tourists up close with the humpbacks in the ocean.


2: Honolulu City Lights for the entire December

Photo courtesy of Hawaii State Tourist Board

There are Christmas lights and decoration displays in Hawaii during the month of December till New Year Day. You may find the lightings and decorations not as lavish and spectacular as you might expect. However the annual Christmas displays in Hawaii still has a charm of its own and shows us the beauty of the island. At the Honolulu City Hale, we can see Mr. Santa Claus and his wife, Mrs. Claus being part of the highlights. The “Honolulu City Lights” is a really festive event for adults and kids to participate.

With huge Christmas trees set up in the shopping centers around Hawaii, these spots are perfect for capturing splendid photographs that will adorn our social media pages. The yearly “Honolulu City Lights” begins in the latter half of November and continues till New Year’s holiday break.


3: Surfing competitions are on! Enjoy the towering waves at the games

Photo courtesy of Hawaii State Tourist Board

Between the months of November to March, you will find high waves in the waters around Oahu, especially at the north. This is the reason that these months see surfers from all around the world streaming into Hawaii. Numerous surfing competitions are also held during this period. The local people will head to the north shore on the weekends to watch the big wave and short board showdowns.

Be overwhelmed by the massive waves and strong current that hit the islands. This is one way to appreciate the wonderful creation of nature. Haleiwa Beach Park and Sunset beach are popular favorites to watch the waves. However, it is not safe to enter the sea during the high waves so it is advisable to just admire them from the beach only.


4: Hike the Diamond Head to view the sunrise

Photo courtesy of Hawaii State Tourist Board

The crater of Diamond Head is said to have been formed more than 100,000 years ago. Many years ago, a military monitoring facility was originally built at a height of about 230m facing the sea. In its place now there is a hiking trail. The recreational trail is relatively simple with its gentle course, even for a beginner. Once you reach the summit, you will be rewarded with the excellent 360° panoramic view of the entire island.  Catch your breath here and enjoy a bird eye’s view of the wonderful streets and beach of Waikiki, as well as the impressive surrounding area.

The Diamond Head hiking trail opens at 6am every morning. The aim of winter hiking is to start the climb very early in the morning. The sun rises at around 6 am during summers. However in the month of January and February, the sunrise gets delayed to 7 o’clock. So if you start your hike at the opening hour of 6 o’clock, you will be right on time to view the sunrise at the summit.


Hawaii is enjoyable everyday during summer, but do not write off the winter days. Enjoy the uniqueness of Hawaii during the winter months since it is definitely a good time to visit the islands as well.

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