5 Classic Adidas Originals Sneakers – The Superstar is a Master Piece

Sneaker trends are always changing but it’s clear that some classics last forever. We won’t want to be caught dead in out-of-style sneakers one day. However with an endless list of choices out there, it can be confusing to pick the perfect vintage sneakers.


It is not easy to believe that there are some classic designs that you can pick to match every style and occasion. Adidas, undoubtedly as one of the leading shoe producers in the world has some really awesome original classic sneakers. Let us introduce some of the retro re-fits by Adidas that you must consider.


Adidas, as an apparel and shoe maker drives the sportswear market scene across the globe. Apart from leaving a mark in the sporting world, Adidas has also rooted itself deeply in the hip hop and American street culture. The company has launched several historical masterpieces and some of them continue to be the highly sought after shoes on the ground. The collection of Adidas Originals sneakers in itself is huge with the brand being the sneaker giant in the industry. In this article, we have compiled a list of the 5 best Adidas Originals sneakers for you.


Reviewer: Satoshi Yamamoto

Mr Yamamoto is a writer and editor who has written articles on fashion, outdoor and lifestyle magazines and his forte are sports and outdoor products. Emphasizing on the functional beauty while selecting a pair of shoes, he looks out for excellent design, comfort and appearance.


1: Historical masterpiece that captured the hearts of sportsmen and celebrities alike!

Adidas Originals SS 80s
Actual selling price 15,120 yen ($ 137.45)

This pair of shoes was launched by Adidas during the 70’s and is an absolute masterpiece that became quite popular among basketball players. It wasn’t just professional basketball players who have high regards for the Adidas Originals SS. This pair of shoes also became a hip hop icon after being endorsed by popular performance artistes. It gained so much popularity that Adidas signed a sponsorship agreement with the music group RUN DMC. This was one of the very first endorsement deals between hip-hop artists and major sportswear companies.


The look of these sneakers was a perfect blend of style and comfort. The colour combination of white, black and Adidas trademark in gold was both bold and glamorous. Presenting sneakers as fashion statements for artists rather than just as symbols for sportsmen and athletes was an unusual but brilliant decision made by Adidas. These Adidas Originals sneakers remain unchallenged till date in the market and have a huge fan base following.


2: Famous for their street style adaptation and attractive look!

Adidas Originals CAMPUS
Actual selling price 10,789 yen ($ 98.08)

The Adidas Original CAMPUS sneakers were released in 1983. Whereas the previously mentioned pair of shoes were brought to the hip hop icon of NY, these low cut sneakers were brought to the spotlight by the popular hip-hop group BEASTIE BOYS.  With a vintage yet casual look, these sneakers became the fashion statement for skaters as well. Sporting an attractive design that goes well with every style, the colour combination of this vintage has also been picked very smartly to provide a universal look. This is precisely the reason why these shoes are still quite a thing among men and women of all ages.


3: Ultimate minimal model well loved by fashion influencers

Adidas Originals STAN SMITH
Actual selling price 8,540 yen ($ 77.64)

The legendary Adidas Original STAN SMITH was named after the famous American tennis player Stanley Roger Smith who carved his name in the international tennis hall of fame. These sneakers appeared in 1971 and became the tennis world icon in no time. The benchmark of the sneakers are the all-leather body with the name “STAN SMITH” engraved in gold foil down the side and also the signed portrait of Stanley Roger Smith on the tongue. Not just tennis players, but the iconic sneakers are also well worn by influencers in the fashion industry across the world. All of this leads to the continued success of the Adidas Original STAN SMITH in the trend game.


4: The more-tapered silhouette that is popular in UK

Adidas Originals GAZELLE
Actual selling price 7560 yen ($ 68.73)

Known as “GAZELLE” in English and “GUTSLEY” in German! Regardless of the name, this is one of the iconic Adidas sneakers that has been adored by different generations. The Adidas Original GAZELLE was launched in 1968 as all-purpose training shoes. It was uncommon at that time as the vintage sneakers could be used for general activities instead of a focused sports. The popularity of these sneakers boomed after the 1980s, especially among infamous artists like Freddie Mercury, JAMIROQUAI, OASIS, etc. After being worn by popular British stars, the Adidas Original GAZELLE can be seen everywhere in the United Kingdom. The sleek design looks simple yet attractive and is always a massive hit among sneaker fans everywhere.


5: An immortal model that boasts timeless popularity

Adidas Originals SAMBA OG
Actual selling price 8640 yen ($ 78.55)

Adidas Originals SAMBA OG is one of the craziest and oldest models among all the five Adidas Originals we see in this article. It made its market debut in the 1950s, originally as an indoor soccer shoe. At that time, these pair of shoes had groundbreaking technology and was worn by the West German national soccer team in the 1954 World Cup, who emerged as the champions that year. They were also worn by the Brazilian national soccer team during the 1962 World Cup, who further won the world cup that respective year as well.


Gradually, the Adidas Originals SAMBA OG became the UK subculture icon shoes. The combination of Tan gum sole and Suede skin have been welcomed by many skaters. The Adidas Originals SAMBA OG has proven to be timeless and will surely continue to last til the end of time.


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