5 Classic New Balance Sneakers

The classic models that adults should get now

Fashion is one of the most dynamic elements in our life as trends keep changing and evolve rapidly. Sneakers are one of the raging trends that change in a wink of the eye, replacing older designs fast. Each time you go to the store, you can find new models being launched. Before you make the decision to buy a pair of quality retro sneakers, let’s find out which are the best casual sneakers for men.


With so many footwear brands out in the market providing high quality shoes, it is difficult to keep up. Since we have already looked at the best Adidas original sneakers in the previous article, let’s discuss about classic casual sneakers by New Balance. Here are some of the most popular models.


In 1906, New Balance started out as a manufacturer of arch support insole and straightening shoes for flat feet wearers. This Boston based corporation is currently one of the major sports footwear manufacturers in the world. New Balance have produced some of the finest shoes for sportsmen such as the 320 Model that was worn by many runners and was also selected as the No. 1 sneakers of runner’s world magazine during 1976. This shoe maker is not just loved by sportsmen and sportswomen but has also been endorsed by many fashionistas and celebrities like Ralph Lauren and Steve Jobs for the excellent shoe designs. The success of New Balance sneakers in America is well known but which are the best 5 classic casual sneakers for men by New Balance?


Reviewer: Mr. Satoshi Yamamoto

Mr. Yamamoto is a writer and editor who has written articles on fashion, outdoor & lifestyle magazines and his forte are sports and outdoor products. Emphasizing on the functional beauty while selecting a pair of shoes, he looks out for excellent design, comfort and appearance.


1: One of the most popular models since the last 3 decades!

New balance M576NLI
Actual selling price 19,656 yen ($ 178.69)

Each model of shoes designed by New Balance is given a name that is a combination of numbers and alphabets. Each series of numerical signifies a specific style of shoes, for instance, the 500 series are designed especially for off-road pursuits. The 576 model was first launched in 1988 and has become one of the most successful shoe designs of New Balance over the last 30 years.


M576NLI has a sole that enables sure footing even on rough uneven terrain. This is a great casual shoe that can also be worn for daily commuting. Furthermore, the rounded silhouette is perfect design for those who have broad feet. Made in England, this pair of causal shoes is one of the superior models of the 576 series collection. If you are looking for casual and comfortable shoes, there’s no better pair than M576NLI.


2: Flagship product also known as the Rolls-Royce of sneaker world!

New balance M1300CLS
Actual selling price 21,600 yen ($ 196.36)

The premium performance 1,000 series of New Balance is the flagship series of the current times as the sophisticated shoes have been designed with top technologies of the times. The 1300 was the first design of this series that came into existence in 1985. This absolute masterpiece has fans among all the generations who just love these American casual sneakers.


While describing the comfort of these shoes, popular designer Ralph Lauren said that it seemed as though he was stepping on the clouds. There are various other designs in this New Balance series but this classic is often proclaimed the “Rolls-Royce of the sneaker world”. This model is still popular currently. Though the M1300CLS is not the exact original model, it still has the essence of the old design and better comfort.


3: An exquisite blend of high-tech and classic design!

New Balance M1500UK G
Actual selling price 28,080 yen ($ 255.27)

New Balance 1500 series first came to life in 1989 and is the second generation of the 1000 flagship series. People often confuse them with the 1400 model that in fact was released in 1994 and had a different design technology.


This model led the trend of sneakers during the late 80s when sneakers gained popularity. With an exquisite feel that was loved by many, this classic has one of the most sophisticated and authentic design of New Balance. The neutral colour and elegant design of M1500UK G followed the original model closely and is certainly one of the classic men sneakers that you should buy.


4: Iconic model made of finest material for enhanced durability!

New Balance M996 DK
Actual selling price 28,080 yen ($ 255.27)

Launched in 1988, the 996 belongs to the 99X series of New Balance. At that time, the 990 model was advertised as “Out of 1000, this shoes reached 990”. Despite the expensive price tag then, the iconic model became a market hit in the highly competitive sneaker market.


The latest edition of the classic 996 silhouette retains the classic charm of the 1988 debut with undisputed comfort that’s both fashionable and versatile. As newer model 997 appear with smaller “N” logos, the 996 is perfect for the man who wants his footwear to be retro classic with big “N” logos.


5: Masterpiece with the perfect midsole!

New balance M998
Actual selling price 20,500 yen ($ 186.36)

The 998 is the fifth generation of the “99X” series and was released in 1993. Just like its counterparts in the 99X series, this classic has high-performance technology and every feature of the 998 is designed to perfection. This redesigned New Balance shoes has one of the best supportive mid-sole that can absorb shocks of foot, at the same time, also produce repulsive force. The shock absorbent materials ensure comfort and prevent ankle sprains during long runs.


Over the years, New Balance has launched many models with excellent sole cushioning and functionality for sports enthusiasts. However, the M998 is still one of their best products in terms of style as well as comfort. This popular series of retro sneakers are favorites of Mr Yamamoto and is truly one of the best New Balance casual sneakers.

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