5 Destinations Where You Can Get Direct Flights from Japan, Perfect For A Little Vacation!

When thinking of going for a vacation, many people fret thinking about the connecting flights and the hassle that follows. However, did you know that there are more than 30 countries where you can travel to with direct flights from Japan?


Some of the countries had direct flight services with Japan only recently. While the neighboring Asian countries are gorgeous and nice, travelling to a more distant country would feel nearer if there’s no need for connecting flights.


Here we have put together the five countries where you can enjoy a vacation without having to worry about the layovers.


1: Singapore (6 to 7 hours with direct flight)

There are several direct flights to Singapore that you can take from several domestic airports in Japan. From Japan, it takes only about 6 to 7 hours to reach Singapore. This sunny island boasts one of the strongest economic powers in Southeast Asia and is also well known for being one of the safest nations. Taking into consideration the family friendly attractions, Singapore is the perfect city to enjoy and relax with your loved ones.


The country is perfect for short trips due to its small land area, which is only as big as the Awaji Island. Even though this holiday destination isn’t very big, it has very diverse culture and you will find all kinds of mouthwatering food ranging from Chinese to European cuisine. Many entertaining attractions here are adored by children and adults alike, we are sure you will not get bored while visiting Singapore.


Direct flight information (As of April 2018)

  • [Operating Companies] Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Jetstar Asia Airways, Delta Air Lines, Silk Air
  • [Singapore’s International Airport] Changi International Airport
  • [Available Routes] Haneda – Changi (daily flight), Narita – Changi (daily flight), Kansai – Changi (daily flight), Nagoya – Changi (daily flight), Fukuoka – Changi (daily flight), Okinawa – Changi (3 flights per week), Hiroshima – Changi (3 flights per week)


2: Finland (10 hours 30 minutes with direct flight)

Finland is one of the Northern European countries where the popular character Moomin, Marimekko and Iittala come from. This country emits calming auroras and lets you enjoy nature in its pristine and unspoiled form. As a part of its 100th independence in 2017, a number of commemorative events were held that made Finland the talk of town.


Flying from Japan to the Finnish capital of Helsinki is about 10 hours and 30 minutes. You might find the flight duration long. However as soon as you reach Finland, you will see that it is all worth it.


Direct flight information (as of April 2018)

  • [Operating Companies] Finnair, Japan Airlines
  • [Finnish International airport] Helsinki-Vantaa international airport
  • [Available Routes] Narita – Helsinki (Daily flight), Kansai – Helsinki (daily flight), Nagoya – Helsinki (daily flight), Fukuoka – Helsinki (3 flights per week)


3: Poland (11 hours with direct flight)

Being stable in terms of security, Poland has seen a continuous rise in the number of tourists who love the peace and serenity of the country. Here is a place where everyone can walk around without worry.


Direct flights to Poland from Japan started in 2016. It takes about 11 hours to reach Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. Warsaw is well known as the hometown of a great composer Chopin and there are also two World Heritage Sites at Warsaw that will definitely interest you. However there are so many other attractions worth visiting in Poland that you may want to visit return to Poland a second time.


Direct flight information (as of April 2018)

  • [Operating Company] Poland Air
  • [Polish International airport] Warsaw Chopin International Airport
  • [Available Route] Narita – Warsaw (5 flights per week)


4: Spain (14 hours with direct flight)

Similar to Poland, the direct flight from Japan to Spain was launched in 2016. The direct flight service was withdrawn in 1998 and was only resumed after 18 years. The flight duration to reach Spain is around 14 hours from Japan.


Here are three highlights of Spain that one must surely pay a visit: the capital city Madrid, Barcelona and the Basque Country. The ancient city had produced many great artists and architects since the past so you can relish the Spanish art and architectures that are really eye-opening and inspiring while staying here.


Direct flight information (as of April 2018)

  • [Operating Company] Iberia Airlines
  • [Spanish International airport] Madrid International Airport
  • [Available Route] Narita – Madrid (3 flights per week)


5: Egypt (14 hours with direct flight)

Our final vacation destination is the exotic Egypt, located in the continent of Africa. Direct flight services stopped in 2013 but were resumed again in 2017. It takes about 14 hours to reach Egypt from Japan by direct flight.


Egypt is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the mysterious Pyramids. The fascinating pyramids and the ancient temples of Cairo have captivated so many visitors since ancient times with their rich history. You can also go diving in the clear and beautiful Red Sea that has long been considered one of the world’s top scuba diving destinations.


Direct flight information (as of April 2018)

  • [Operating Company] Egypt Airlines
  • [Egypt’s International Airport] Cairo International Airport
  • [Available Route] Narita – Cairo (weekly)


Which of these countries did you find the most appealing? Due to the availability and convenience of direct flights, the stress and hurdles of enjoying vacations overseas is much reduced. Don’t miss visiting these wonderful countries, start packing your bags now!



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