5 Surprises Not to Be Missed During the Tokyo Game Show 2018

With the arrival of autumn this year, the annual Tokyo Game Show 2018 began at Makuhari Messe. This time, we were present on the very first day of the event on September 20th. There were various astonishing factors that we uncovered during this coverage and we will look at the top 5 surprises on one of the world’s biggest stages of the video game industry TGS 2018.


5: “PUBG” stage taking up a massive space

The first exhibit at Tokyo Game Show “PUBG”


The Tokyo Game Show is known for its booth sizes that corresponds with the game’s popularity.


This year, a big exhibition area had been set up by the multiplayer battle royale game “PUBG” that could host up to 100 players. To make it even more attractive, voice actor Kensho Ono and Toshiyuki Itakura of Impulse, a comedian, also made guest appearances. The event was quite exciting with the pioneers of the battle royale game playing to win in front of a huge audience. As it was not common to showcase the actual gameplay during an exhibition, I am optimistic about the future of PUBG.


4: Popularity of “Kingdom Hearts III” masterpiece

The number of people attending the event exceeded expectations

One of the main anticipated stage event of this year’s Tokyo Game Show 2018 is RPG’s “Kingdom Hearts III” collaboration with Disney (its releasing on January 25, 2019). We were immediately drawn to the Square Enix booth where you could find the first game demo in Japan. The enthusiasm for this new game was astonishing and there were about 70 trial game machines queuing for the demo at the booth. Despite the large crowd, the queue kept moving without interruption.


The gameplay footage showed the storyline in the world of Toy Story and it looked better than ever. The development of the graphic and interface appeared so smooth that the experience was similar to that of a CG movie.


3: Huge signboard of Takuya Kimura with Judge Eyes

A huge poster welcomed the crowd

The Sega booth was popular for the dramatic hit Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon (aka Project Judge slated to release December 13, 2018). On the huge poster next to the booth, the face of the game’s protagonist former lawyer detective Yagami Takayuki who is played by celebrity Mr. Takuya Kimura can be seen! The poster dominated the scene and maintained an exciting aura. There were a lot of people taking pictures of the charismatic actor who starred in numerous masterpiece dramas. This highly anticipated game is definitely going to fly off the shelves.


2: Too Realistic and Scary “Biohazard RE:2”

Entrance of the Raccoon police station. The trial game machines were in the middle

Biohazard RE:2 will be releasing on January 25, 2019, and is remade for the first time in 21 years after the 1998’s version Resident Evil 2. It changed the worldview of the videogame series with total sales of 4.96 million copies. The Raccoon police station, which was the scene of the tragedy, was reconstructed on site. A few artificial corpses were also lying around disturbingly to provide a sense of reality at the booth.


The game is more terrifying than the movie! Although the original movie version was quite scary, the remake version inspires a different kind of thrill. It has been rebuilt from scratch and incorporates the current technology. The new version will definitely be enjoyed by those who loved the original version.


1: Huge VR Amusement Park

Behind the red curtains is an amusement park including roller coaster rides too!

Virtual reality games were definitely not to be missed at TGS 2018. The VR Amusement park was worthy of a visit before all the other attractions! At the entrance I was geared with a VR headset and a backpack for the VR PC. Entering the space behind the curtains, I saw green mountain ranges below the blue sky and other attractions in the virtual theme park.


In this 12m×7m space, 16 people could simultaneously be accommodated to enjoy the various game attractions in this virtual theme park. As other users appear as an avatar, you could easily experience the gameplay with your friends instead of playing alone. As this system evolves in the future, it would be foreseeable to travel the entire country along with family and friends while remaining in the same room. That would be quite intriguing!

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