6 Amazon Japan Gadgets that will make life easier!

Amazon is a treasure trove of gadgets, especially when it comes to smartphone related accessories. We found these unique products on Amazon and reviewed them for your benefit.

The reviewer for this article is Kazushi Kawauchi from ‘Get Navi Magazine’ AV Affairs department.

1: The suction smartphone case

WAYLLY iPhone case
2980 yen($26 USD)

This case is made with a small “Nano Suction” material. When pressed against a flat surface it behaves like a vacuum and sticks itself to the surface. You can use this on metals, glasses and other type of flat surfaces. You can also stick it in on bathroom tiles and watch a movie.

PS: Sometimes, the grip might loosen and the smartphone might fall.

2: Solar powered outdoor charger

Solar Powered Mobile Phone Charger
2888 yen($26.07 USD)

With a huge capacity of 24000mAh, one can easily charge an iPhone 6, eight times with this charger. It has 3 USB ports and three devices can be charged simultaneously. It’s perfect for the outdoors, because of its solar powered panels.

Unfortunately, charging from the solar powered charge slows down the charging speed. My impression was that this charger best be used in emergencies only.

3: Speech translation in seconds without an internet connection

Log bar
ili (ily) speech translator
21,384 yen($193 USD)

This device can translate from spoken Japanese to English, Chinese and Korean. It specialises in “Travel phrases”. The translation is pretty precise. It can be used overseas where the internet connection is spotty or in some cases where there is no internet connection. The translation speed is pretty fast and the fastest is about 0.2 seconds. One can converse easily in different languages through this small device.

4: Find lost items and track your smartphone with this device

Tile Mate
1941 yen($17.52 USD)

Tile is a small device that you can attach to your possessions to track them. Tile is synced to the smartphone. To find a lost item, press a button on your smartphone on the Tile app, which will engage the speaker on the tile device and sound an alarm. You can also use Tile to find your smartphone. All Tiles are connected by the cloud and if you’ve lost your object, other Tile users will get notified if it is close to them.

5: Fast charging while watching videos

Quick Charge 2.0
2000 yen($18.05)

Qi enabled smartphones, including the latest iPhone, can be charged by just placing it on the surface of the Nanami Quick Charge 2.0. The cables are built in and the charging area is wide. You can also place the phone sideways while it charges. The device is stable and the inclination of the stand makes it look like a yacht. The angle is perfect for watching videos.

6: Room monitor with motion detection

Network Camera
4999 yen($45.12)

With this device, monitoring a room remotely is possible. It’s connected to a smartphone as well. Equipped with infrared light and night vision, monitoring in the night becomes easy. When the motion detector is activated, a notification is sent to the smartphone, while an image is captured.


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