7 Surprise Souvenirs for your overseas friends!

What do you think are souvenirs your friends and family overseas would like?


When a Japanese chooses souvenirs for foreigners, they consider one that will also represent their own Japanese culture.


I have been living in Poland for three years, but I am always impressed with the quality of Japanese daily necessities and instant food. When I think of souvenirs, I think of giving someone something delicious. At least, that’s my opinion!


In this article, we introduce seven souvenirs that can be purchased easily within Japan that will be familiar to our foreign friends.


7th place: highly moisturizing pocket tissue

Pocket tissues found overseas are generally rough paper napkins, therefore Japanese are not comfortable using those. In Japan, the soft pocket tissue is known for its smoothness and elasticity. Foreigners are sure to be impressed by these moisturizing pocket tissues. When I go to Japan, I try to buy more of these tissues for hay fever.


6th place: Toe socks

Socks generally don’t have provision for the toes, so these toe socks will be an interesting gift! These socks keep one’s feet warm while suppressing any bad odours. They are perfect gifts for anyone regardless of age or gender.


I was under the impression that toe socks originated in Japan, but it was actually invented in Spain. The Japanese improved the product and now sell is as a product from Japan.


5th place: The Japanese Kit Kat

Kit Kat is a very popular chocolate wafer bar that is sold worldwide. Kit Kats sold overseas have slowly added the unique Japanese Matcha flavour to the stores, but the flavours of Kit Kat sold overseas are still pretty limited in comparison to the ones sold in Japan.


Tourists who visit Japan are surprised at the variety of different flavours sold here in the supermarkets, so gifting chocolates of various flavours like strawberry and pudding are sure to be well received.


4th place: 0.5mm three-colour ballpoint pens

In Japan, we are accustomed to high quality stationery. Many foreign goods that are of high quality are available in Japan, but they are not used for a long term the Japanese.


Foreigners are sure to be pleased by the 0.5mm ballpoint pens that are available in different colors. Once they starting using Japanese made stationery, they won’t go back.


3rd place: Fans

One of the most popular souvenirs going around are folding fans. They are available at 100 yen shops and these folding fans are popular in Europe and United States as well.


These fans can also be customized to include a person’s name in the Kanji script. This is a heartfelt gift that is sure to be taken well.


2nd place: drip coffee in individual packaging

Drip coffee is very popular among coffee lovers because of its authentic flavours. However coffee is a global beverage and widely consumed across the world, it might not make sense to gift it as a souvenir.


In Japan, instant coffee is very popular. Moreover, the packaged drip coffee is not available in overseas markets like in Japan.


1st place: Japanese chocolate confectionery

Some foreigners don’t like the original type of Japanese sweets like pickles, red beans, and karinto that are well loved by Japanese.


Chocolate sweets are your best bet. It might not seem like much, to give candy and chocolate to full grown adults but many are delighted by cute chocolates such as “Kinoko-no-yama (Mushroom Mountain)” and “Koala’s March”. Because most of these aren’t available overseas, these are the perfect gifts.


These are seven souvenirs that foreigners will definitely enjoy.

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