9 Watches Every Man Needs This Spring

Stylish, wearable and long lasting, the watch is one of the most useful accessories for men. Japan has been the birth place of many great watch companies and in this article, we rate the best men’s luxury watches. From the ever popular G-Shock to Orient Star, we cover them all.

Casio G-Shock GMW-B 5000 D-1 ‘Full Metal’

If there’s one thing you need to know about trends, it’s that they always make a comeback. If you take one quick look at the Casio G- Shock Full Metal, a name derived from its sturdy metal body, you’ll have flashback of the 80’s with it’s retro look.
The first thing one notices is the brick pattern around the edges of the display: these are actually small solar panels! Other features include Multi Band 6 for clock accuracy, a global clock for 300 cities, chronograph, calendar, alarms and Bluetooth 4.1.

G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000

Another release from the G-Shock range is the G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000-1BJR, with solar assisted GPS navigation system, a world’s first! It also has a barometer, compass and a thermometer, collectively called the Triple Sensor, and as if that wasn’t enough, it has bluetooth connectivity.

The LCD display is protected by sapphire crystal and a carbon fiber insert band. And it can be submerged underwater for 200m. Designed to protect against mud and dust, this rugged watch makes for the most valuable tool to get lost with in the wilderness!

Accompanying the watch is a smartphone app that also lets you sync your time. Similar to smartphones, this watch uses a USB powered base station to charge itself.

Functionality: ★ × 5 / Feeling of fitting: ★ × 3 / driving time: ★ × 3

Citizen Bluetooth Watch

Citizen’s Bluetooth Watch is a handsome timepiece that is pretty much a smartwatch. After you download the app and sync it to your phone, the time is automatically calibrated.

With a titanium body, this watch alerts you of incoming calls, texts and other notifications with sounds and vibration. A fully charged watch will last 4 years. This watch is equipped with photovoltaic “Eco-Drive”
Functionality: ★ × 4 / Feeling of fit: ★ × 3.5 / driving time: ★ × 5

Citizen ATTESA Eco-Drive AT8040-57F

A collaboration between Citizen and Super Rugby, the Attesa is 40% lighter than stainless steel, and it’s titanium body makes it rust free and durable.

The outer titanium finish is attractive and helps reduce the weight of the watch by 40%.

The glossy finish adds to the lustre, befitting a luxury watch. The direct flight feature lets the user switch to the timezone of 26 cities all over the world. A perfect watch for globe trotters. Limited to 800.

Functionality: ★ × 4 / Feeling of fitting: ★ × 4 / driving time: ★ × 4.5

OCW – T 2600 L – 1 AJF

The Oceanus from Casio is a truly beautiful watch. A Japanese polishing technique, known as Zaratsu, makes its finish is so polished, you could use it as a mirror! The dual dial lets you know the time in two locations.

The titanium and leather combination makes the watch light at just 56 grams. The battery lasts for around five months after a full charge.

Functionality: ★ × 4.5 / Feeling of fitting: ★ × 4 / driving time: ★ × 4


The first thing you notice about the G-Lide is the range of colors that it comes in. The blue and white versions are especially eye-catching.

This is a solar powered watch, making it great for outdoor activities. Typical to the G-Shock line are features that aid training with the timer feature. It’s also slim, at 14.2mm, which is negligible for athletes during training.

A full charge will last for 10 months.

Functionality: ★ × 4.5 / Feeling of fit: ★ × 3.5 / driving time: ★ × 4.5


The unique colour of the Seiko Prospex Diver Scuba clock face pays homage to the coral reefs. It’s waterproof up to 200 metres and has magnetic resistance as well.

ORIENT Classic Semi Skeleton SUN & MOON Mechanical Watch RN-AS0002S Men’s

The Orient Classic is a unique watch with a luxurious rose gold finish that features a sun and moon dial on its watch to indicate day or night. Beside the sun and moon dial is an opening that lets you see the inner workings of the watch.

The Sun and Moon Dial next to the slot that shows the inner mechanics of the watch.

Functionality: ★ × 3.5 / Feeling of fit: ★ × 4 / driving time: ★ × 4

Orient Star “modern skeleton” RK-DK0003B

The Orient Star has a power reserve display which shows how much battery is left; at full charge, the battery lasts for more than 40 hours. It is has strong magnetic resistance and is also water resistant.

Functionality: ★ × 4.5 / Feeling of fit: ★ × 3.5 / driving time: ★ × 4

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