A haven for stationery connoisseurs: Paper Expo

The large queue at the entrance gives you an indication of how popular the expo is


This might be odd to the rest of the world, but Japan’s Paper Expo is a tribute to all kinds of paper products! Paper manufacturers from all over the world visit Japan and showcase different variants of paper products here.


The first such event was held in Asakusa, Tokyo last year during April of 2017. (This year’s event happened in Kyoto on the 14th and 15th of July.) Interested to know which were the top products of Paper Expo 2018? Let’s find out!


Limited Edition Products

One of the best parts of the expo was the access to limited edition products. Companies like Osaka Paper and Yamamoto Paper set up booths and sold their “memo” paper products. These products were stacked and you could pay by the height of your stack.


The memos are wrapped in unique wrapping paper with funny texts on top.


You can also purchase the very limited mini wooden pallets that are handmade by the staff at Yamamoto Paper. These pallets are hot items on sale here.

Another novelty product in the limited edition collection is the booklet of unfinished paper. This is apt for people who want to get a hold of raw paper before it went through the final manufacturing production.

A list of answers that I would ask the manufacturer is found on the welcome page of the booklet


Another rare item that was up for sale was a miniature edition of an organizing tool known as “Worker’s Box”.

This Worker’s Box is a small but cute container that could be used for storing business cards, paper clips and other tiny stationery items.


At the Parebel booth, you can find gorgeous memos that were shaped like leaves and petals. One could select from 20 different colourful designs for just 400 yen (USD3.64).

These coloured papers are generally priced at 450 yen (USD4.09) for one single colour. Therefore, this product was highly sought after as the booth had products enough only for the first 50 people.


The popular Hitotoki brand also gave away a few original badges to people who followed them on Instagram.


Exclusive products

The second biggest crowd puller was the unique products that one could not find at regular retail stores. I present the “Plain Stationery” store which is available only in Taiwan.


The popular products from the “Plain Stationery” store includes note pads and ink rubber stamps.


Cute “Handy Stamp”


Another exclusive product was the message card/note taker from the “Paper Miscellaneous Goods” store from Osaka. You cannot find this product anywhere except in Osaka and at the Paper Expo.


Meet and Greet

What truly marked the importance of the Paper Expo was meeting the people behind these fantastic products.


The staff and designers from various paper companies were also present at their booths doubling as sales staff. You could even have been served personally by Mr Yamamoto who is the president of Yamamoto Paper.


For true paper lovers, this was a valuable opportunity to meet the people who launched these brilliant products in the market. Not only do you get the best shopping experience, these paper experts would also gladly impart in depth knowledge regarding each manufacturing process.


This was indeed an irresistible event for people who loved paper. So do take note of the next exhibition in 2019, hope to see you there!


【Event Information】

Paper Expo 2018 in Kyoto

Date and time of the event: Saturday, July 14, 2018 10: 00-17: 00, 15th (Sun) 10:00-16: 30

Place: Kyoto City Miyako-Messe 3rd Exhibition Hall A side (9-1 Okazaki Seishoji-cho Sakyo-ku ward, Kyoto City)

Admission: 500 yen (USD4.54) (Elementary school students get in free)


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