A Relook at the Best-selling Japanese Cooling Household Appliances of 2018

The concept of Omote (public face) and Ura (private face) may not be well understood by foreigners but have been practiced by most Japanese. Ura has been specially focused upon in this article that revolves around the different types of household electronic products especially, the Japanese electric fan. The summer of 2018 had some really hot days and Tokyo recorded the maximum number of heat stroke patients during that scorching period. In such high temperatures, cooling fans are a necessity, more so in places where air-conditioning is not available. The sale of cooling fans increased sharply particularly during summers.


The multi-functional model released by Dyson brings new meaning to comfort. Storing away electric cooling fans can be a hassle every time after summer. However this Dyson fan is equipped with hot air heater and air purification function as well, hence it can be used throughout the year. Due to this multi-functional use, this Japanese electric fan is gaining much fanfare.


Meanwhile another simple handheld electric fan can be considered an Ura product. Since it was so handy, this electric fan enjoyed great sales, recording a 180% increase in sales compared to last year. This must-have portable electric fan can be taken to anywhere!



Home Appliances Expert, Sonoko Toida

Sonoko Toida specializes in home appliances and writes product reviews in many magazines, occasionally appears on television as well. She understands the needs of the users and provides useful feedbacks.


Popular home appliances

Multifunctional Fans

The convenience of being able to enjoy cool air or hot air through one appliance has gained popularity.


Multifunctional Fan No. 1

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link

Actual selling price 84,020 yen ($763.82)

This is the latest version among popular multifunctional electronic models that combine fan, air purifier and heater into a single unit. It removes particles as fine as PM 0.1 with a high-performance filter that has 99.95% cleaning efficiency. This advanced product also has smooth oscillation function of up to 350° and you can monitor the air quality at home as details are displayed on the monitor.


Multifunctional Fan No.2

Delonghi Air Purifier, Heater and Cooling Fan


Actual selling price 58,660 yen ($ 533.27)

Here is another multifunctional fan with 3-in-1 technology i.e. cool breeze, warm air and air purification functions. It employs the “Coanda Effect” that allows air to flow along the curved shape of the fan body, and send uniform and gentle wind to the surrounding. The filter is installed at the top of the main unit, removing 99% of impurities in the air such as PM 2.5, pollen grains.

Multifunctional fans / Reason for their popularity

Durable appliances with multiple functions & attractive designs!

Single appliances with fans, heaters and air purification systems built in have become commonplace now. Better and more efficient designs are being launched in the market consistently. Such appliances can be used throughout the year, regardless of the seasons and these are the household appliances that will rule the market in the future. (Toida)


A popular handy electric fan that has been selling like hotcakes

Francfranc 2 Way Handy Fan

 Actual selling price 1980 yen ($ 18)

This is a handy two-way fan that can be mounted on a desktop! Approximately 93,000 pieces of this fan were sold within three months in 2018. Furthermore it has USB power supply / charge outlet for convenience. The portable fan can be used for about 2 hours with high wind speed and for 8 hours with lower wind speed when fully charged. There are five levels of wind speed to match the preference of users. This fantastic appliance with amazing specifications costs just less than 2000 yen ($18.18).


This product looks appealing and is convenient to carry around!

In Asia, portable fans have a big market, particularly in Japan. Their convenience makes them really popular, especially among youngsters as they like to carry cooling fans while strolling outdoors in the summer season. These electric fans also have an accessory-like appeal as they are sold in shops like Francfranc. (Toida)

[Other popular cooling appliances]

Sales of high specification air conditioners with air purification function increased by 120% in July as compared to the previous year!

Panasonic Air Conditioner Eolia WX / X Series

Open price

The company’s air conditioning factories were running in full swing during the summer of 2018. The WX / X series was particularly in high demand due to its elaborate specifications. The shipments for this model recorded a 120% increase in July 2018 as compared to 2017.


Neck coolers in the hot summer are also hot sellers!

THANKO Neck Cooler

 Actual selling price 6980 yen ($ 63.45)

During the summer of 2018, neck cooling products also gained immense popularity. There are various types of neck coolers such as water immersed type, etc. but THANKO’s electric neck cooler was the center of attention last summer. The cooling product uses electric power to give the user a soothing cool feeling during hot weathers.

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