A Toilet Bidet That Is Fitting Even For a Gentleman

The “Foam Coated Bidet Toilet” event was a roadshow event that demonstrated the AWM series of Panasonic’s hot water washing & foam coated bidet toilet. Participants could see and experience the advanced features of this new smart bidet toilet.


The first part of this event was held from November 23rd to 25th at JR Akihabara Station. The second part of the event was held on December 1st and 2nd at JR Shinagawa Station.

Panasonic’s warm water washing and foam coated bidet toilet of the AWM series. There were Sogetsu Ikebana flower displays and various cute Manneken Pis (the peeing boy) statues at the event exhibition

The AWM series is a hot-water foam coated bidet toilet that has stain-resistant properties preventing stains from accumulating overtime by creating foam bubbles. The foam on the toilet bowl can be made from kitchen detergent and it coats the surface of the toilet bowl to help prevent dirt from adhering.

The foam covers and coats the entire toilet bowl with ease. Not only does it wash away the waste, it also prevents dirt from accumulating


You can set a timer to spray bubbles “after use” or “at regular intervals” or “when the toilet seat is lifted” according to your own preference

The bubbles produced stay on the surface of the toilet bowl for about 3 hours and protected it from germs and bacteria. Since bubbles are accumulated on the surface of the water, splashes are unlikely during usage. These bubbles thus resolve the problem of women sharing toilets with men who have habits of taking a wee while standing. A demonstration of the man’s usage was also held to show the effectiveness of the bubbles.


A demonstration to find out how to keep toilet bowls clean with bubbles!

Firstly the demonstration was done without the bubbles. Water got scattered on the floor, and even splashed on the trousers. This was assuming that the subject was rushing and more inconsiderate while using the water closet. If the toilet was cramped, even the toilet wall would get dirty. Many women who saw the demo together raised their voices in agreement.


The next demonstration was done with the foam bubbles on the surface of the water. There was significantly less splashing as compared to previously. However, it couldn’t be said that splashing is totally unlikely.

The Smart Bidet toilet seat with seamless design that’s easy to clean!

In addition to the tankless type, it can also be installed to an old-fashioned toilet bowl

It is an advantage that this bidet toilet seat can be easily installed in 2 hours and can be used with most toilet bowls. The conventional toilet seat usually has a gap between the top seat and the bottom part that makes dirt easier to accumulate in between. However, the bidet toilet seat does not have any gap, hence dirt cannot form. This elaborate seamless design reduces the stress and hassle of cleaning it daily.

Outlet of ‘Nanoe X’ releases fine ion particles within the space inside the toilet seat to suppress bacteria


90% of the participants found the foam coating a nice touch

Since the event is held on the premises of the busy subway station, the unusual line up of toilet bowls immediately drew the attention of the crowd. Even though it was just a demo machine on the site, many people were still astonished to find a toilet bowl at the station premises. Therefore there were numerous people who were curious of the Smart Bidet toilet seat and many of them were taking pictures at the venue.


Other than at Shinagawa station, the event organized at Akihabara station also attracted many office workers and tourists who checked out the event booth when they passed by.


A lot of people may know about the hot-washing toilet seats but they do not yet know about the foam coated bidet toilets. The event was a way to reach out and spread awareness. The Smart Bidet toilet seat is an excellent choice for those who are worried about the dirt and bacteria in unisex toilet. It remains sanitized and hygienic even if men want to use it standing.


If you use this product you can clean the toilet bowl once a month

According to the spokesperson from Panasonic, “one can get away with cleaning this seat just once a month.” The foam coated bidet toilet cleans after itself, therefore the labor of maintaining sanitation is largely reduced. This is truly a great product as it ensures that everyone is delighted after usage. In the AWM series, three types of products are available: DL-AWM600 (with nanoe X installed), DL-AWM400 (with automatic flap lid) and DL-AWM200 (regular model). The actual selling price is 98,390 yen ($ 894.45), 77,720 yen ($ 706.55) and 71,720 yen ($ 652.00) respectively. Do seriously consider this product to get rid of all the sanitary issues and cleaning hassle.

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