Be Motivated to do Household Chores with This Song

↑ Panasonic’s home appliances for sharing household chores. These three items (from left) “Dishwasher-Dryer NP-TZ100” (106,440 yen/$967.64) with nanoE X ventilation and compact structure to fit beautifully in a small space; “Front Load Washer / Dryer Cuble NA-VG2300 L/R” (343,440 yen/$3,122.18); “Robotic Vacuum Cleaner RULO MC-RS810” (159,840 yen/$1,453.09) which has a unique triangular shape and can clean easily the corner of a room

Panasonic has launched a new music video “Great Job”. This music video is performed by the girls music band CHAI and is apparently choreographed to motivate people to do household chores. The music video is inspired by the idea of sharing household chores, since few people like taking up the mundane cleaning tasks. Let’s find out more about this music video and its features that promote sharing household chores.


Couples can share household chore with home appliances

Household work takes a back seat in families where couples have jobs and still need to look after their children as well. Therefore, Panasonic advocates sharing household chores with the help of smart home appliances. These appliances will do the cumbersome domestic work while you can relax and spend more time with your kids and family.


Just put the dishes in the dishwasher / dryer and spend time with your spouse or play with the children till the dishes are done.


You can also use the robotic vacuum cleaner to save time. Set this vacuum cleaner to work while you are out and when you arrive home you can relax in a dust-free environment. This vacuum cleaner allows you to clean multiple places at once.


Another productive home appliance is the drum type washer/dryer. This machine washes and dries clothes automatically without manual resetting and switching modes. You can run the machine at night before sleeping and the chore will be done when you wake up in the morning.


These appliances will save you a lot of time and effort so that you have more time for yourself and your family. In dual-income households, both partners are tired from their day jobs and it is difficult to make time for domestic chores. This often leads to friction in marriages. In fact, according to a Panasonic survey, about 70% of households find it difficult to deal with domestic affairs due to household chores. Therefore, Panasonic home appliances are here to suppress the burden of household chores that may lead to a couple’s break up.


Motivate yourself to do household chores with music

↑ The music video features the four members from CHAI and has a great rhythm and tempo that makes even the most boring household chores fun

Sharing household chores with home appliances can only get you so far! One of the biggest hurdles in getting these chores done is the unwillingness to do. According to a Panasonic survey, the top reason that people provided for not doing household chores is “I don’t feel like doing it.” On the other hand, the highest motivation to do household chores is to “do the work while listening to music.”


Panasonic analyzed all the findings and decided to produce some music that will encourage everyone to do household chores. To achieve this purpose, Panasonic collaborated with the band CHAI and developed the new song “GREAT JOB”.


Seeing is believing! Check out the music video “GREAT JOB” below!

The members of CHAI (Mana, Kana, Yuna and Yuki) were glad to turn the negative impression of chores to a positive one and found the theme of household work in the song perfect. This song also introduced the idea that tedious household tasks can turn out exciting and fun. Yuki who wrote the lyrics said that doing house chores is both important and awesome so she wanted to praise everyone who does them.


“GREAT JOB” was a masterpiece

↑ Komatsu explaining while listening to GREAT JOB. (right)

Environmental musician, composer, pianist, musician and engineering doctor, Professor Masafumi Komatsu of the Humanities Department at Kyoto Seika University, was present at the launch of the music video “GREAT JOB”.

Dr. Komatsu extensively was consulted by Panasonic for this project to make awesome housekeeping music and he provided the following advice.


The first point was to make melodies that are easy to remember. It makes the lyrics more effective and people are able to retain and repeat the keywords. “GREAT JOB” has some keywords like “Get power! Fresh feeling!” that resonate with listeners as they sing along.


The second advice that Dr. Komatsu gave was to keep the speed of rhythm between 140 to 160 bpm(※). This speed allows listeners to move their body easily with the music. Moreover, music played at this speed is refreshing because the amygdala of the brain responds to it and creates a sensation of pleasure and satisfaction. Dr. Kobayashi also added that rhythm emanates a positive feeling and the undulating bass music makes listeners more inclined to move to the beat of music.

Note: bpm …… Abbreviation for Beats Per Minute – the number of beats in a song per minute

Next, the song’s introduction should have a strong motivation for the listener to continue listening. Hearing childlike voices and the members’ laughter at the beginning of the song will make the listener feel happy.


The final advice was regarding the ending. The point of the song was to make household chores look interesting and to leave the listeners with a sense of accomplishment when they have finished their chores. That feeling can be evoke when you hear the Dora’s sound that means “It’s over!”.


These 4 features of the song help you in understanding how well designed it is.

Experimental demonstration of the song’s impact

The question that came to mind when GREAT JOB was created was whether the song works. An experimental demonstration was done in order to verify this. The Panasonic Product Analysis Center played “GREAT JOB” video on the monitor while the subjects performed housework. The experiment achieved positive results as most subjects associated fun when doing chores while listening to the song.


Mr. Komatsu said that usually in such SD experimental methods (※) there are no differences in the results with or without the independent variable i.e. the music. However he added that this experiment was quite accurate and the results were truly positive.


Note: SD method is one measurement methods in psychology that stands for semantic differential (technique). A method of measuring the impression an individual holds for a certain thing using a pair of conflicting adjectives


It was found that doing housework while listening to “GREAT JOB” at home was actually fun and wiping to the rhythm of the song was perfect. The song made household work interesting. After all, different ingenuity is necessary to efficiently do housework. Try to make housekeeping chores interesting by sharing household chores with the home appliances and listen to upbeat music like ‘GREAT JOB’ while you are doing them.


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