Best Businessmen Gadgets & Tech Must-Have

With the drastic shift in the job market and the nature of businesses, the expectations and efficiency required from businessmen have also gone up. Over the years, various gadgets for business owners have come up in the market but only a few of them are good enough. In this article, we introduce office productivity gadgets selected by the Technical Writer. Many of these recommended gadgets for business owners chosen are portable items.


【Tester】Technical Writer, Yuasa Akito

“One needs a sharp eye to pick up the right kind of gadget from the bunch of products available in the market that are often strange.”


No.1: Device that translates 74 languages


Pocketalk W

Actual Price 24,880 yen ($226.18)

Sourcenext Pokectalk W automatically translates other languages to your native language. The foreign language will be translated in your preferred language instantly with a simple press of a button. This device can prove to be very valuable for businessmen who travel across the globe for work. It corresponds to 74 languages via cloud translation.

Translate instantly while the other person speaks. All you have to do is press a button and the translated content will be displayed in text form as well as transmitted aloud

This device offers high accuracy for speech recognition, is user friendly and attractive looking. The volume of playback is clearly audible even when used in a room full of buzz or at a crowded location. The controls on this device are quite easy-to-understand even for first time users.


No.2: SIM Free Mobile Router for all carriers



Actual Price 3,800 yen ($34.55)

This SIM free mobile router corresponds to all domestic carrier frequency using a standard sized SIM card. NTT docomo, au, Softbank and MVNO are some of the services compatible with this device. The settings of the main unit are configured using a PC Web browser.

The device is portable and lightweight (110g). The design is also quite stylish

It has great power battery backup and is not affected by radio interference, adding to good user experience. It is compatible with QR code and can be connected to the PC through the USB ports. Furthermore, it can be easily connected to the smartphone via QR coding without any hassle.


No.3: No more worries about losing cables with cheero


cheero Twintail 10050mAh

Actual Price 3,380 yen ($30.73)

The cheero Twintail is a large capacity mobile battery power bank with built-in lightning cable and MicroUSB cable integrated on the main body. It also has a general USB Type-A port that can fit Type-A devices. It is also possible to charge Type-C equipment using an external cable.

When not in use the built-in cables can be tucked to the side of the main unit, making this device clean and easy to carry

For individuals who travel extensively, there’s already a lot of baggage while travelling and not being able to find the right cables are always the biggest problems. Therefore this device is a convenient option as it saves you from carrying too many cables. This power bank also allows you to charge three devices at the same time.


No.4: Combine tablet & smartphone together on one stand!



Actual Price 6,458 yen ($58.71)

This stand allows you to set up tablets and smartphones on a single workstation. Thus you can efficiently navigate through both devices while working. This stand has a space-adaptive design and folds to become thinner by 32mm and has an adjustable angle up to 180 °. At the back of this stand are grooves that can support up to 3 cables connected to the main unit.

This product may look bulky but it folds compactly and is convenient to carry around while you are on the go. It also comes with a special pouch


This convenient gadget has a smooth built and space-saving design. The designers know its importance to comfortably write notes on your smartphones and at the same time access Excel sheets on your tablet without juggling them in both hands. That’s what you get from this Terminal stand.


No.5: Pocket Size Portable Storage Device


Extreme Portable SSD

Actual Price 19,800 yen ($180)

This portable SanDisk SSD drive is perfect for saving all types of high resolution photos and videos. The reading speed of this storage product is as high as 550 Mbps. It comes with a cable that helps you connect to a USB Type-C port. It also has a Type-A conversion adapter attached to it that enables you to connect this device to both old and newer PC. Furthermore this device is small, drip-proof, impact resistant and easy to carry around.

Equipped with a plastic loop for attaching carabiners and rings for attachment to a bag so that it doesn’t go missing

If you are a business executive then data transfer is an inevitable part of your life and the fast transfer speed of this device helps you save time. So if you are getting late for a presentation and need to transfer huge files from your PC swiftly, SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is your best solution.


No.6: With two liquid crystal screens, you can take notes of all calculation results


Twin Liquid Crystal Calculator Mini Just Type Series

Actual Price 900 yen ($8.18)

This calculator comes with two screens and you can perform your calculations on either of those. It can be very useful while copying numbers, saving calculations and handling large figures that go up to “billions” or even “trillions”. The Casio Twin Liquid Crystal Calculator can recognize simultaneous multiple key entries and supports quick switch to different programs.

The Casio Twin Liquid Crystal Calculator allows you to copy calculation result to sub screen so that you can perform other calculations on the main screen

It is not convenient to note down the figures and keep calculating! This professional product allows you to do the calculations easily, thus saving plenty of time since you don’t have to note down your calculations on paper. It’s definitely a great tool for professional math-heavy jobs like accounting, surveying and engineering.


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