CostPa! Stationery from Daiso Japan 100 Yen Shop

On GetNavi web, we research interesting products from the Daiso Japan 100 Yen shop every month. The products include daily necessities, products of convenience, food items as well as stationery to organize office work efficiently. There are so many fantastic items to buy in the shop that many are often overlooked. This time we look at some really value-for-money handy stationery found in the Daiso Japan 100 Yen shop that are worth much more than their price.


“Compass” and “Cutter” in one device! Highly useful product

Compass Cutter Knife

As the name suggests, the “Compass Cutter Knife” is a combination of “Compass” for drawing perfect circles and “cutter” for cutting objects. This is a great tool for elementary students to complete geometry assignments or for those who work in the design sector. The Compass Cutter Knife has an attractive T-shaped design and is able to efficiency cut paper beautifully in a circular shape.


It is interesting to see how the sharp tip cut paper into a perfect round shape. The diameter of the circle can be adjusted easily with the knob at the side. Here is a perfect tool for individuals who love arts and craft with soft paper. This product has excellent customer reviews and this handy dual function has been appreciated by many users.


Electric Eraser that makes it easy to make amendments!

Electric Eraser

Chances of taking down handwritten notes are low these days. In this age of digitization, people rely more on electronic documents and notes on tablets. Despite that, some individuals still prefer to maintain handwritten memos and records with a pencil. This Electric Eraser is an excellent product for this group of traditional pencil users.


The battery powered eraser has a rod-like exclusive eraser set at the tip where the motor is installed. You can hold it just like a pen and press the switch with your thumb. This rotates the eraser to rub the mistakes away quickly. This handy stationery vibrates gently so you won’t worry about tearing the paper easily.


Eco-friendly reusable “Whiteboard Notebook”

Whiteboard Notebook

Noting down tasks on a whiteboard is so simple and convenient to keep track of things and to schedule new tasks. Most people associate whiteboards as huge, bulky space-consuming accessories.


However, this “Whiteboard Notebook” here is just the size of a desktop calendar. This ingenious product fits comfortably in the palm and is no bigger than the standard notebook. There are three types of settings, vertically ruled, horizontally ruled and plain to be used for different purposes. It is also a portable whiteboard that can be used in office spaces, homes as well as schools.


360-degree rotating stapler

Around Stapler

The stapler is the perfect stationery to attach documents together or to secure an opening. It is often used in workspaces to staple regular papers and files. The unique selling point of this featured product is the 360 degree rotation that can be used to conveniently staple the spine of books.


You can simply circle the stapler around the spine of the book to staple the pages together. This is another one of the popular stationery products sold at Daiso Japan 100 Yen shop and is more functional than people expect it to be. The Around Stapler is a great stationery to have in your collection for anytime use, especially if you are into creative crafting.

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