Cozy, Comfy Dormitories of Tokyo

Dormitories are shared rooms in guesthouses. We cover the top dormitories, ranked for their affordability and hospitality.

Part 1

4-9-10 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
From 3,300 yen (approx.33USD)

The first Wise Owl hostel was opened in Hatchobori followed by the Shibuya outlet in April. There are 100 beds, set in a comfortable bunk bed dormitory, with 2 to 4 private rooms.

Sleeping environment and safety is priority

Dormitories generally do not have a good reputation, being seen as cheap and lowly. However at Wise Owls, the dormitories are stylish and safe, and the mindset of staying alone is changing.

Wise Owl Hostels are designed with important details in mind. Their dormitories are of a different kind.

Every room that has a bunk bed is surrounded by wood grain boxes for privacy. Apart from that, available to the guest are lights, outlets, safety boxes are placed by the side of the bed which gives the guests a private room experience.

Located in a quiet corner of Shibuya, it’s away from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

To help people sleep, there are Simmons’ high class mattresses that let guests get peaceful sleep even if they rest only for a short while, by supporting the body and gives a good sleeping posture. The thick mattresses are soft, thus the resulting quality of sleep is similar to that of luxury hotels. It’s also equipped with blackout curtains, that blocks all light and lets you sleep peacefully.

Two outlets and two USB ports are installed on the side of the bed. This is useful for those who want to work using their laptop in the dorm.
You can charge multiple mobile devices simultaneously without having to disturb other guests.
FARMER’S TABLE MOTHER has an all sustainable food offering using organic ingredients from Ibaraki prefecture. Everything is easy to eat and has a rustic taste.

In the evening, it’s a good bar to have a drink or two. In the summertime, terrace seats are recommended, which would be ideal for the guest.

Part 2

Lumiere building 7F, Nishi-Ikebukuro 1-17-7, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
From 3,500 yen (approx.32USD)

This dormitory is a combination of library and accommodation. The design of the dorm is such that the exterior has a bookshelf, making up a partition around the beds. They play a dual role of privacy and bookshelf.

People can take books to the bed, read and go to sleep.

You can find unusual books that you won’t generally find in bookstores.
This dormitory has about 3200 volumes of books, as well as magazines, comics, books, illustrations curated by SHIBUYA PUBLISHING & BOOKSELLERS.

Part 3

1-13-5 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
From 3,000 yen (approx.27USD)

Located in the downtown area of Asakusa, the hostel has a “contemporary Japanese-style” theme and the setting is such that everybody can relax and unwind.

Bunk bed dormitories are in the main room and it is reasonably priced. Each room has two outlets, reading lights, security lockers and shoe boxes.

Photo / Shiori Kawamoto

Izakaya Bunka is the hostel bar located on the first floor, next to the front desk. You can indulge in sake from around the country.

The three sides of the bed are surrounded by wooden panels. Designed with privacy in mind, each bed is arranged in an alternative fashion. This means, you won’t have an immediate neighbour to your right or left, giving you utmost privacy.

Part 4

Kiyosumi Shirakawa
LYURO Tokyo Kiyosumi
1-1-7 Kiyosumi, Koto Ward, Tokyo
From 2,800 yen (approx.25USD)

Opened in April 2017, they have a range of rooms such as bunk bed rooms and private rooms overlooking the Sumida River. There’s also a beer brewery located in the hostel, where you can savour tasty, fresh made beer.
They provide lockers for keeping your personal possessions safe. They also have curtains for privacy.

The lobby is large with ample furniture and a large window brings in sufficient natural light.
There is also a wooden deck that overlooks the river. It’s a great place to enjoy meals and drinks.

Part 5

Oak Hostel Cabin
1-16 Nihonbashi-Hakozakicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
From 2,100 yen (approx.19USD)

The hostel which was a capsule hotel has been renovated. The dormitory has a calm atmosphere with a retro finish. Common areas such as the lounge and the bathrooms are clean and look stylish.

They also have a laundry and a kitchen. Large lockers to keep luggage are available outside the dormitory.

On the 5th floor, there are long tables with seats where you can work or relax for free. You can also see the Sumida River through the large windows.

In the 2nd floor lounge, you can relax on cozy tatami mats. Since it has power outlets, it is also possible to bring in a laptop and work.

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