Denon’s Bamboo Over-Ear Premium Headphone AH-D9200

Denon has recently launched another high end premium headphone model “AH-D9200” of their “Real Wood Series”. Priced at 195,000 yen ($ 1772.73) excluding tax, this headphone has housing made of real natural bamboo.


The Denon AH-D9200 is a premium set of headphone under the real wood series that has adopted natural wood for housing. The finishing of the product is done carefully by craftsmen who are skilled in wood processing technology using “Moso bamboo” from Kochi prefecture. This headphone has really excellent acoustic characteristics. All the production is done at the local Japanese factory, thus this has another great appeal as it is “Handcrafted in Japan”.


The Japanese-made driver comprises of nanofiber diaphragm of 50mm in diameter. The “Free Edge Structure” supports the outer periphery of the diaphragm via the roll edge enabling uniform piston motion over the entire diaphragm, minimizing distortion and enhancing the richness of sound.

“Handcrafted in Japan” and produced at domestic factory


The device is cable-free and comes with two 6.3mm standard stereo plug cable (3m) along with 3.5mm stereo mini plug cable (1.3m). The standard stereo plug cable is made of silver coated OFC (oxygen free copper) wire with pure silver as this metal has the highest conductivity (stereo mini plug cable is OFC line).


【SPEC】 ● Impedance: 24Ω ● Sound pressure sensitivity: 105 dB / mW ● Reproduction frequency band: 5Hz to 56kHz ● Plug / cable length: 6.3 mm Standard stereo (3m), 3.5mm stereo mini (1.3m) ● Weight: Approximately 375g ● Accessory: 6.3 mm standard plug adapter, cleaning cloth

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