Explore Japan’s Natural Wonders and Landmarks on Google Map

Image Source: “Google Street View” (below: same)


Since the launch of Google Map, the digital mapping landscape has been transformed drastically. With so many awesome features, it’s hard to show you readers all of it. Today we are looking at its Google Street View imagery. Google Street View is an amazing feature if you want to get a real-time view of a place you are planning to visit. It gives you the feeling of walking through the places even without stepping outdoors. Here are some of the breathtaking places in Japan where you can go for virtual sightseeing.


Experience the Force of Water! Toyama Prefecture: Kurobe Dam

The Kurobe Dam is surrounded by the North Alps in Toyama prefecture. It is 186 metres high i.e. half as tall as the Tokyo Tower. The volume of water released per second is 10 cubic meters from this altitude and the loud splashing sound gives you a feeling of power. It is one of the most impressive dams in Japan and a great place to explore with the rich green surroundings. This dam was built with great hardships and is considered to be one of the Greatest Constructions of the Century. You can use the Google Street View to get a good view from atop the dam and see how spectacular it is.


Desert covered with snow? Tottori Prefecture: Tottori Sand Dune

The Tottori Sand Dunes are the natural treasures of Japan being the only costal sand dunes in the country. You will see a vast sandy landscape spreading across 16 km east-west and 2.4 km north-south. It is great to see the different topographies and the Google Street View enables you to do that. You can imagine how the coastal winds and strong currents shape the sand dunes to form small hills and suribachi-like (Japanese mortar) craters. A unique feature of this location is that you can see snow-covered sand dunes that are rare to find and clearly visible through the Street View.


Enjoy the nature while hiking! Nagano Prefecture: Kamikochi

When you visit Kamikochi in Nagano prefecture, Kanto region, you will be able to see clear water streams flowing through the mountains and discover some of the most beautiful wetlands. Before you decide to visit with your family, you can walk through all this now on the Google Street View at home and be awed by the scenery. Kamikochi is an attractive site with snow mountains as high as 3000 metres continuing to the Hotaka mountain ranges. This attraction includes the famous peak of the Japanese North Alps, Mount Hotakadake. Watching the water streaming through the trees into the wetlands here is blissful. In addition, you can feel the breath of spring here when nature wakes from its winter sleep.


One of Japan’s three most scenic spots with strange rocks! Miyagi Prefecture: Matsushima

Matsushima in Miyagi prefecture is one of the three most prominent scenic spots in Japan. It is set by the tiny islands dotting Matsushima Bay with many large and small rocks formation. One of them being “Niiojima” that is symbolic of the statue of Nio and Kanejima. When the waves strike the Kanejima, you can almost hear the sound of the bell. It’s really intriguing. While beef tongue is the specialty of Miyagi, Matsushima is well known for fresh oysters. If you are looking forward to enjoying gourmet food, you should indeed plan a visit here.

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