Find the Right Space Saving Arm for Multi Monitors

We often wish for a bigger work screen on our personal computer while handling multiple windows at the same time. If you are designing something on your computer and surfing the Internet simultaneously, you will inevitably have to toggle between multiple windows in order to view them on the small screen.


However all this inconvenience can be avoided by using a space saving monitor arm for another screen. Working with two screens will save you the trouble of expanding and minimizing multiple windows while working. Read on as we introduce three displays that work well with space saving monitor arms and help you work more efficiently.


Choose a screen that fits your purpose

If you are thinking that getting another panel might make no difference in the way you perform your regular functions, you are wrong. It pays to be picky as the additional screen should tremendously reduce the fatigue of the eyes and enhance your interaction with the CPU System.


Be kind to your eyes! What makes these devices special is not just the type of liquid crystals used but also the fact that these models are ingrained with the features to reduce blue light effect. The liquid crystals used are non-glossy and are gentle on the eyes.


If you are planning to use the screen of your PC for gaming, you will have to choose a display suitable for the game. You will also have to regulate the pixel response rate accordingly. The response rate is a numerical value of how fast the video display is reflected on the screen. If the response time is slow, your gaming experience will be largely affected.


If you decide on thin Bezel Monitors, you will be able to combine two screens almost seamlessly as one large display. By doing so, the immersive viewing experience on the screen will be significantly improved. Taking these features into consideration, let’s learn more about multiple displays.


For multi-monitors, display that is gentle to the eyes and arm is recommended

Let’s find out how to choose a display that is suitable for multi monitor especially when you have to choose from a variety of products. The two features that you need to look out for are “non-glossy liquid crystal” and “VESA mount compatible”.


Working with multiple screens increases efficiency, but it also increases strain on the eyes. Therefore, a model with non-glossy liquid crystal display is recommended which places less strain on the eyes than glossy liquid crystal displays.


Furthermore, working with two display screens means that you will require more space on your desk. If the model comes with a VESA mount attachment, you can install two displays without having to worry about space. Although the use of the arm is not necessary, it would be prudent to select one with VESA mount, taking into account future placement changes.

VESA mount Bracket for placing PC monitor. Find the screws that fit these holes and fix it to the back of the monitor

We have a list of three recommended screen panels that take into account the two features mentioned above.


No.1: 23.6 inches model to reduce reflection and is gentle on the eyes

Phillips LCD Monitor with Ultra Wide-Color


Selling price 14,190 yen ($129.00)

If you are concerned about hurting your eyes when working too long in front of the screen, this is the model that you should consider. This model is made up of liquid crystal that does not hurt the eyes or dazzle your vision. It also comes with a function to suppress flickering on the screen and reduces blue light. Besides, it is a solid bezel monitor with a perfect design.


<Points of Interest>

  • – The PLS liquid crystal used in this display enables you to work on the screen for a long time without straining your eyes.
  • – Screen that suppresses flicker & blue light, further reduces the burden on the eyes
  • Thin Bezel design


Not only is it equipped with a PLS liquid crystal that has a wide viewing angle, it reduces eye fatigue even if you worked for long hours. Its flicker-free technology regulates brightness and reduces the harsh blue light effect for more comfortable viewing.


Bezel design and attractive body makes this display really stylish. Moreover, it comes at an attractive price of only less than 15,000 yen. Even if you purchase two sets, the price will not exceed 30,000 yen. This is indeed one of the best multi monitor set-up at the best price!


No.2: Recommended for gamers! Great response speed 24-inch model for E-sports

ASUS Gaming Monitor -24″ FHD (1920×1080) , 1ms


Selling price 15,800 yen ($143.64)

The ASUS VE248HR is one of the most affordable gaming displays! It has a great response time (1ms) for games that have huge requirements as well as sharp image representation with a high contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1. Not just made for gaming, this model is also a great choice for those who enjoy high picture quality and great effects.


<Points of Interest>

  • – Great product for gaming display with high response speed of 1ms
  • – Less persistence, ideal for playing sports games and other high-tech games
  • – Vivid picture quality produced through ASCR technology


For ordinary products, the response speed varies between 5 to 10ms (0.005 to 0.01 second). If the response speed is 10ms, it will take 0.01 seconds for the video to be reflected on the screen. However, the VE248HR operates with 1ms, that is, as fast as 0.001 second, the required standard for gaming display.


Also, the image representation system suppresses persistence and the high contrast ratio is another great feature that makes this product totally awesome. Even if you are not into playing games, you can enjoy the picturesque quality of this screen while watching movies or sports.


No.3: 27 inches & Bezel thin design make this screen extraordinary!



Selling price 19,480 yen ($177.10)

The Acer KA270H has a 27×25 inch screen and has a great design to support space saving monitor arm. Although it takes more space than its counterparts, you will just lose yourself while working on this device. The blue light reduction function is also excellent and is easy on the eyes.


<Points of Interest>

  • – Unique cutting-edge technology Acer BluelightShield ™ is installed that enables blue light reduction
  • – Equipped with ECO mode to reduce power consumption by 40% from usual consumption
  • – Large & Bezel design at an affordable price of 20,000 yen


Acer BluelightShield ™, Acer’s proprietary technology that has the same level of effect as blue-light countermeasure glasses, is installed in this device. The transmittance of blue light has 4 levels of adjustment from 50% to 80%, making it a vision-friendly product. In addition to all of this, it has an ECO mode that reduces power consumption by 40% from normal mode of usage. Hence, it also considers the energy cost and is environment-friendly.


Nonetheless the charm of this product is the cost! Bezel thin monitor with a huge display at a price as little as 20,000 yen makes this product a great catch. It is perfect for those who want a large & stylish display at the minimum cost.


No.4: The arm that saves you space on your desk


4-shaft wiggling monitor arm MARMGUS192B

Selling price 4,596 yen ($41.78)


As mentioned, the three displays introduced are all compatible with a VESA mounting arm. Although there are many VESA mounts in the market, we recommend Sanko 4-shaft wiggling monitor arm MARMGUS192B here. This is one of the most reasonable products that you can buy for about 4500 yen and yet can support displays up to 27 inches. It comes with the pan and rotation capabilities that is great that allows it to move about 180 degrees up, down, left and right. It is a great product in terms of both price and performance.

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