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A new trend that has picked up lately is “Table Top Cooking”. While having friends and loved ones over, one doesn’t have to run back and front to the kitchen. With these innovative cooking appliances, you can cook the dish on the dining table and throw an engaging tabletop party!


We review some of the unique tabletop appliances in the market.


The best part about tabletop cooking is the mingling between hosts and guests. You can’t tell who is hosting and who is being hosted! Everybody can participate in the cooking. This trend has really caught up and it shows in the sales of Bruno’s Compact Plate which had a cumulative sale of 1 million units since 2014.


These tabletop cooking appliances don’t just heat up for you to prepare food! They have excellent temperature control features and various other attractive functions.


1: Panasonic Daily Electric Hot Plate

Two dishes can be cooked at different temperatures at the same time depending on your appetite desires



IH Daily Electric Hot Plate KZ-CX1

56,520 yen (USD513.82)


The Daily Electric Hot Plate as the name suggests can be used to make a variety of dishes from the simplest to the most complicated recipes. The main feature of this hot plate is the ability to cook two dishes at the same time. From soups to stir fried dishes, anything can be made using this hot plate.


It uses magnetic induction to heat your food at the desired temperatures. With the stylish design, it will surely add grace to your modular kitchen.


【SPEC】 ● Power consumption: Approximately 75 W equivalent ~ 1400 W ● Hot plate temperature: Heat retention 90 ° C, 140 ° C to 250 ° C in 10 ° C increments ● IH heating power: 75 W equivalent ~ 1400 W ● Size / weight (body): W593 × H46 × D323 mm / 4.9 kg


2: BRUNO Compact Hot Plate


Compact Hot Plate

9504 yen (USD86.40)


First of all, the Bruno looks like a designer box on your table. With its vivid colour, it’s sure eye-catching. Apart from the fire engine red, it also comes in colours like Pink, Yellow and White.


You can easily whip up pancakes or cook some sausages for breakfast. Once you are done, the hot plate can be cleaned easily clean without any fuss. A concern that many people have is the bbq smell that lingers in the living room after cooking with the Bruno Hot Plate. That can be solved just by opening the windows and doors to air the house.

Just perfect for two or three people, excellent for daily meals and parties. It’s so compact that it blends with the rest of your dishes


【SPEC】 ● Power Consumption: 1200W ● Temperature Control: Insulation ~ 250 ℃ ● Accessory: Flat Plate, Takoyaki Plate, Wooden Door, Magnetic Type Desorption Code ● Size / Weight: Approximately W375 × H140 × D235 mm / Approximately 2.3 kg




Toaster Grill

12,960 yen(USD117.82)


Bruno doesn’t fail to surprise with its innovations and your dinner party will never be the same with the toaster grill. This is a dual purpose appliance that can be used to toast bread as well as grill food.


The top can be opened and you can start the grilling. A distinct feature in this appliance is the sheathed heating feature. The food gets heated from both the top and the bottom.

【SPEC】 ● Power consumption: 1050W ● Function: 30-minute timer, upper / lower heater ON / OFF switching ● Safety function: Thermostat, thermal fuse 192 ° C ● Size / mass: W405 × H221 × D238 mm / 3.9 kg


4:  IRIS OHYAMA hot plate double-sided plate

Iris Ohyama

Double-sided Hot Plate DPO-134

11,660 yen (USD106.00)


The Iris Ohyama is a portable, easy to carry double-sided hot plate. When you open it, you’ll see that both sides can be used. The hot plates can be removed easily and washed separately. After you are done, you can fold the hot plates and place it in a cupboard neatly. For people who don’t have much space to spare in their kitchens, this is the right appliance that you can fit just about anywhere.

Temperatures can be controlled on each side. Okonomiyaki on one side and Yakiniku on the other side can be cooked easily without the ingredients getting mixed


【SPEC】 ● Power Consumption: 1300W ● Temperature Setting: Thermal Storage, About 140-250 ℃ ● Accessories: Flat Plate, Takoyaki Plate, Dimple Plate ● Size / Weight: Approximately W 650 × H 90 × D 336 mm / Approximately 4.7 kg


5: Sanko Homemade Yakitori Maker


Homemade Yakitori Maker

5980 yen (USD54.36)


Making skewers DIY can be a hassle, but with the Yakitori Maker, you can become the skewer expert at home!


Sanko’s appliance is a dedicated Yakitori maker. It has grooves inside to place the raw skewers on a stick. The grooves themselves rotate and are evenly heated from all sides. Cooking skewers are generally smoke-heavy, but with this appliance, rarely any smoke appears.

As the skewers rotate while being grilled, the heat is evenly spread out. Since there is no fat dripping from the meat, there is no smoke


【SPEC】 ● Power consumption: 800W ● Temperature: 60-240 ℃ ● Timer: 60 minutes ● Cable length: 1.0m ● Accessories: 10 skewers ● Size / weight: W210 × H255 × D210 mm / 2.3 kg


6: Recolte Raclette Fondue Maker


Rakuto & Fondue manufacturer Melt

5400 yen (USD49.09)


Next in line is one of the cutest tabletop cooking appliances. Recolte’s fondue maker is another two-layered appliance.  The top and the bottom can both be used. The hot plate is dual purpose, one side can be used for grilling while the other side can be used to make fondue!

Bake vegetables and meat on the upper grill plate and melt the cheese in the lower hot mini pan


【SPEC】 ● Power consumption: 350W ● Accessory: Reversible Plate, Mini Pan × 2, Ceramic Heat Resistant Cocot × 2, Dedicated Recipe Sheet ● Size / Weight: Approx W295 × H110 × D 105 mm / Approximately 980 g (excluding Cocot Pans)


7: DOSHISHA Electric Soft Cream Maker


Electric Soft Cream Maker DSC-18BL

5710 yen (USD51.91)


Who wouldn’t want an ice cream maker at home? Doshisha’s Ice Cream Maker is your solution to quick and easy ice cream. All you have to do is put soft ice cream mix in the storage unit of the appliance and let it stir for 15 to 20 minutes. After this, you get store-like whipped ice cream at your leisure!


【SPEC】 ● Power consumption (50 Hz / 60 Hz): 25/21 W ● Rated time: 25 minutes ● Safety device: Overheat prevention thermostat ● Cord length: About 1.2 m ● Size / mass: Approx. W 200 × H 408 × D 295 mm / 3 Kg


8: Prismate Popping Bucket with a Recipe Book


Popping Bucket PR-SK005

5980 yen (USD54.36)


What can a bucket do?


Apparently, this one can make popcorn! Prismate’s popcorn maker is shaped like a bucket. You add two cups of corn kernels to the bucket and in about two to three minutes, you can enjoy nice puffy popcorn! It’s stylish and a great hit at parties!

Easy to use and quick to make popcorn. Also, refer to the attached recipe if you want to make popcorn in different flavours!


【SPEC】 ● Power consumption: approx. 1100W ● Continuous usable time: About 5 minutes ● Maximum cooking amount: Approximately 60g (popcorn bean) ● Cord length: 1.2m ● Size / weight: About W250 × H260 × D250 mm / 1.32 kg

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