Get a Sleep Mask to Help you Retain Moisture During Overnight Travels

Do you often wish for something that can help you fight that cracking throat when you wake up while staying in a hotel or traveling on an airplane or bullet train? Well there are a lot of eye masks for sleeping benefits that help your skin retain moisture while being exposed to dry air. With some of the best sleep masks here, you don’t have to wake up in the morning with sore throat or dry lips. Prevent the winter chill from drying up your throat and skin with the following best sleep masks.


Moisture lasts for about 10 hours and masks your throat every time you breathe!

Nodonuru Unscented Hydrating Mask for Sleeping

This is a wet mask for dry throat that has plenty of moisture within that turns into mist while you are breathing. It is an excellent moisturizer for the throat that lasts for about 10 hours and can be used when you are taking long flights. The “wet filter” is designed in a way that it does not restrict the breathing. It also has vents close to the mouth to enable effortless breathing. The material of the mask is breathable non-woven fabric that is soft and pleasant to touch. It has been designed in a way that you won’t notice it in your sleep. You can choose from a variety of fragrances like Herbs & Eucalyptus, Yuzu & Karin besides unscented one.

Most masks can hurt your face but not Asafuku!

Asafuku Good Night’s Sleep Mask

You often wake up with a dry throat, especially if you have been staying in a hotel and the air conditioner was up all night. This mask is the perfect solution to avoid dry throats in the morning. It is a solid sewing mask and does not clasp the mouth area firmly. The adjustable soft rubber does not leave marks on the ears and the design makes it comfortable to wear during your sleep. The material has the multifunctional hemp and the smell is not that strong. Furthermore it can be washed and reuse again and again.


This bedtime mask makes it easy to breathe through the fluffy gauze material!


Hakujuji Family Care Loose Fit Mask

“Loose Fit Mask” is one of the best sleeping masks that keeps your throat moisturized while you are sleeping. A general gauze mask has 12 to 24 sheets structure, but this mask has a single piece of soft gauze made up of finely weaved material. It maintains moderate humidity inside the mouth and throat without hindering the breathing process and ensuring a sound sleep even while travelling on buses and bullet trains. This sleeping mask has an ultra-fine rubbery ear hook that is easy to wear overnight. The material is washable and can be reused. The pleats can be expanded easily to cover the entire space of the mouth and the fluffy material feels really soft on the skin.


This Moisturizing mask keeps your skin soft and smooth!

Nodonuru Moisturizing Mask

The finest feature of “Nodonuru Moisturizing Mask” consists of weakly acidic moisturizing lotion solution inside. It gently wraps around your skin and keeps it moist, protecting the face and lips from getting dry while you are travelling. This product has soft rubber ear strings and is still comfortable for long period of wearing. There is a high-density filter function that prevents pollen grains, pollutants and viruses in the air from entering the lungs. It is a great mask for preventing viruses, pollen grains and dry throats.


Moisturizing silk masks that covers the entire face easily and yet makes it easy to breathe!

Large Format Moist Silk Good Night Mask

The Large Format Moist Silk Good Night Mask is made up of 100% silk as its name suggests. Silk is gentle to the skin and maintain moisture of the lips and throat while retaining humidity. This is what makes this product perfect for use in vehicles and hotels. The dimension of this mask is 17×12.5cm and it covers your face from nose to chin comfortably. The delicate silk fibers are not stuffy and make it easy to breathe through the mask. Ear straps are made up of flexible materials and their length can be adjusted to fit around the ears. This mask is also available in pink, purple and ecru color. The packet comes with a pouch and can be used to hygienically keep the mask when in use.



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