Here’s some Office Stationeries that are really convenient to use!

Muji is known for its minimalist stationery products. I interviewed four stationery experts who spoke about their favourite Muji work desk items. We also cover some of the recommendations from our editorial staff.


【Recommender 01Kan Misato (Stationery sommelier )

Kan Misato is active in a wide range of fields such as writing columns, introducing stationery products and latest product developments. She also has articles featured on the media.


1: Store documents easily with this document holder

Foldable slim ticket holder

190 yen(USD1.73)

It’s a ticket holder that you can fold with ease. It is so slim that it fits in your coat pocket effortlessly. It’s ideal during traveling and for carrying important documents. You can also easily fold an A4 sized paper.


【This is my favorite】

Able to scan the QR code on the paper through the folder

I carried this ticket holder while I was travelling on a business trip abroad. As the holder is transparent, I was able to scan the QR code on the ticket without removing it from the folder.


2: Simply useful with a compact body and simple design


Tape dispenser

120 yen(USD1.09)

This is an acrylic scotch-tape dispenser. You can attach the cellophane adhesive mini tape roll (90 yen, USD0.82) that is sold separately. This product is compatible with tape rolls of about 15mm in width, including masking tape.


【This is my favorite】

We used the tape dispenser with various designer tape rolls, it works smoothly without destroying the shape of the tapes.


3: Checklist sticky notes

Sticky Check-list

250 yen(USD2.27)

This is a checklist sticker with an index on top. There are 13 checkboxes. It’s compact and measures about 3.5cm X 11 cm. There are 10 sheets for each color with a total of 3 colors, giving about 30 sheets.


【This is my favorite】

It’s perfect to use for work and the colors help in differentiating between personal tasks and official tasks.


[Recommender 02] Kidate Taku (Stationery expert)

I review any product from the latest useful function system to funny skewer tools. Find them all on GetNavi web.


1: Transparent Pouch with Inner Pockets

Nylon mesh case with pen pocket (A5 size)

490 yen(USD4.45)

It’s a lightweight nylon pocket made of mesh material. With an inner pocket, you can carry notes and sticky notes and pens without them all over the place.


【This is my favorite】

It’s more sturdy than it looks

It is stronger and more reliable than the ones at the 100 yen shop. The pen pocket is convenient when you need to take a pen out quickly.


2: Sticky Notepad with Margins, Excellent for more Writing Space

Sticky post-it with more lines

100 yen(USD0.91)

It has a horizontal dotted ruler line 7mm in width. It also has vertical jotted lines, so you can write neat letters with ease.


【This is my favorite】

A jotted line that can also be used as grid is fantastic

I use it to take everyday notes. The ruler line + the vertical dotted line can be used as a grid paper that is surprisingly useful.


3: A six partitions stationery holder

Overlapping acrylic partitioned stand

1190 yen(USD10.82)

It’s a stationery stand with six partitions that can easily hold pens and scissors neatly according to their sizes.


【This is my favorite】

It’s durable and transparent

It can be used as a stand for writing instruments and tools on a work desk. The material is thick and strong and its transparent helps identify the tools you want to use quickly.


[Recommender 03] Ko Furukawa (writer & broadcaster )

Radio broadcaster and writer. Wrote “100 ways to make you cool with stationery” for GetNavi web.


1: A Multipurpose Tool for your Imagination

4 frames Rectangle note

100 yen(USD0.91)

It’s a 4 frame note memo that you can use for various things like comic books, drafts of presentation materials, checklists and more.


【This is my favorite】

Mandatory item when it comes to editing work

It is indispensable for editing work and for ideating about page composition. I keep using it.


2: Use kraft paper with the necessary functions as an envelope

Craft envelope length 4

90 yen (USD0.82)

It can be used for sending documents such as invoices. As I am using “undyed craft”, the inside is hard to see through but it’s durable. It is a plain envelope with no provision for a postal code, there are 50 envelopes per pack.


“I needed an envelope and I happened to buy this. Feels good to use it every time,” says Mr Furukawa.


3: Smooth writing from the low resistance value

Smooth grease ballpoint pen 0.7 mm

120 yen(USD1.09)

This smooth ballpoint pen has low viscous ink. There is no resistance while writing and it feels light on the hand.


“When I get bored of ordinary ballpoint pens, I will use this for its design because it looks beautiful,” says Mr Furukawa.


[Recommender 04] Yamaguchi Makiko (Stationery expert )

1: Good quality paper and reasonably thin ruler lines that is easy to write on

Polypropylene Cover Double ring Note · Dot grid A5 size

390 yen(USD3.55)

This notebook uses recycled fine paper that does not let the ink blot. The paper is light grey with a 5mm thickness and has a dot grid pattern. It has a total of 90 sheets. You can fold the cover and write comfortably.


The color of the grid is exquisite and easy to use

Since the color of the printed grid is not too dark, it does not overshawdow the text. You can even clip a pen within the rings.


2: You can carry the important documents as anywhere!

Polypropylene Handle with file box · Standard type · Whitish gray

990 yen(USD9.00)

A file box with a handle that makes it easy to carry around. It uses durable and waterproof polypropylene material. Available in two colors,  translucent and white gray.


【This is my favorite】

Segregate documents by hand

This is perfect for office use that let you classify your documents based on your preferred parameters.


3: Ultra small alarm clock that does not take up space and is easy to carry

Tag tool · Alarm clock

990 yen(USD9.00)

It’s a digital clock with an alarm function. It is so lightweight, weighing only 16g and can fit in the palm of your hands. There is a silicon handle that let you hang it on bags.


The role of the timekeeper at work

I use it as a timer. I place it on the desk and concentrate on my work till the alarm rings. It’s easy to use while traveling and in the outdoors.


Editorial staff’s favorite items

Shouko Suzuki (stationery editor at GetNavi)

Recycled Paper Scribbler

90 yen(USD0.82)

The 40 B4 sized plain recycled paper are useful to write things down and because it’s so cheap, it’s great for scribbling notes.


Fumiko Wada (stationery editor for GetNavi web)

Pocket seal (postcard size)

150 yen(USD1.36)

This sealed pocket can be pasted on a notebook, it can also be used during an interview, where you can insert and turn the iPhone upside down to record the session.


Keina Houya (Daily goods editor for GetNavi)

Polypropylene seal stamp ink pad in a case

190 yen(USD1.72)

A vermillion ink stamp pad in a case. It’s affordably priced, the ink pad is sealed with a lid and the ink does not dry up easily.


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