How to Clean your house Fast – Easy Home Cleaning Tips

Cleaning can be time consuming but it is a necessity that cannot be overlooked. To help you save time and effort we introduce some amazing products that can help you keep your house spotless and organized. In addition to cleaning devices and products we show some garbage management products. So find out how to keep your house clean and organized easily below.


【The Cleaning Master】

Nahoko Yamaguchi, cleaning expert

Ms. Yamaguchi is from “Kazitaku”, a popular online cleaning services platform in Japan.

Professional guidelines to keep the house clean and inculcate cleanliness habits

Since our lives are extremely busy, keeping the house clean requires time and physical strength, in some cases. To make cleaning more convenient, it is important to incorporate some simple cleaning habits and use the right products to prevent dirt from accumulating in the house. Let us check out some simple household cleaning tricks introduced by the professional Nahoko Yamaguchi, who is a pro in this domain.


Don’t leave anything on the floor. The more stuff there is, the more time it will take to clear the dust. So keep it in mind to leave nothing on the floor except for the essential furniture. This will reduce the time and effort required to clean the house. (Ms. Yamaguchi)


Another smart approach to keep the house spotless is by “Preventive Cleaning”. Preventive cleaning is an effective method to avoid gathering of dust by covering up areas that are more prone to dust and germs. A good way to do that is by applying masking tape on handles and covering the filters and vents with disposable sheets in advance. These simple tricks will save you plenty of trouble later and the area will not require dusting and cleaning as frequently. To protect the bathroom surface, a mold resistant titanium coating should also be applied once every few years. (Ms. Yamaguchi)


Finally, it is important to choose the right cleaning tools as well. One of the most important criteria for choosing a cleaning tool is to pick up equipment that is easy to use efficiently. For instance, an old paper pack style model vacuum cleaner will have less suction power. Therefore, you must look for a replacement that can remove the dirt and dust well and is also easy to maintain. (Ms. Yamaguchi)


If you want to reduce the trouble of cleaning, here are some tools that you must consider to keep your house clean and organized.

【Dirt Removal】

With the right cleaning equipment, everything will look magically clean. It might be possible to start enjoying the chores of cleaning now.


Part 1Just wet the cloth a little to wipe off dirt!

NITORI Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 5 pieces
Actual Price 307 yen ($2.79)

All you need to do is just wet this cloth a little without applying any detergent and quickly wipe off the grime collected on furniture and other surfaces. It is made up of ultrafine fibers and can remove dirt easily. This cloth is also good for wiping glassware and dishes since it does not leave scratches on the surface. Oil stains around the kitchen are also easy to remove using this cloth. The NITORI microfiber cleaning cloth can be washed and used multiple times, making this product really economical.

↑ Extra microfiber cloth cleanses dirt quickly and removes oil stains from the kitchen counters without using detergent. (Ms. Yamaguchi)


Part 2Just warm it up for 30 seconds to sterilize the microwave!

UYEKI Oh! Range Wipe & Clean
Actual Price 540 yen ($4.91)

Is your microwave a little unsanitary? Just place this amazing sheet in the microwave oven, warm it up for 30 seconds and then wipe down the inside. Sweep the sheet lightly on the insides to absorb all the dirt and food remains. The sheet is coated with sodium bicarbonate and orange oil extract that cleans the surface of the microwave easily and sterilizes it at the same time. Just need to wipe once.

↑Mesh sheets used for commercial cleaning have excellent dirt scraping qualities


【Part 3】Use this brush with a PET bottle to clean unreachable gaps

Daiso PET bottle + wide brush
Actual Price 108 yen ($ 0.98)

Fill the plastic bottle with water and attach the brush to its mouth. It is very efficient for cleaning unreachable crevices as you can scrub the surface as the water flows down. This product is perfect for cleaning window sashes, bathtubs and easy to reach corners. This brush comes in multiple sizes for different gaps and surfaces.

↑The brush is perfect for cleaning narrow groove like a window sash. The bottle washes away the dirt with water while you scrub the surface with a brush


【Part 4】A Mop that goes Easy on your Back

Scotch-Brite Microfiber Mop
Actual Price 1,598 yen ($14.53)

The ‘Scotch Brite’ flat mop by 3M cleaning brand has two kinds of fibers, ultrafine and medium-size that can remove sticky stains and even microscopic dust from the floor. This re-usable mop is also simple to wash and maintain.

↑The pivot allows a 360 degrees rotation of the handle and the head, making it easy to clean awkward places under the furniture


【Part 5】Wipes off dust from shelves

Actual Price 490 yen ($4.45)

A mini-sized mop with microfibers, designed to trap and remove dust. The mop can be easily removed from the handle and washed. For replacement, just purchase the mop separately without the handle. The Muji microfiber handy mop comes with a self-standing holder as well.

↑The self-standing holder has a simple design and is easy to store away


【Part 6】Roller cleaner to get rid of carpet dust and animal fur

Nippon Seal Pac Pak Roller
Actual Price 1,458 yen ($13.25)

This roller-type cleaner removes animal fur attached to soft upholsteries like carpet and sofa with a simple brush. The garbage gets collected inside the main body and can be easily disposed of by opening the lid. There is simply no fuss while using this product to remove the animal fur.

↑It is great for removing fur from more delicate surface without damaging the soft material


【Part 7】Install in the air conditioner vents to remove dirt and get refreshing air!

Copa Corporation Fan Cleaner
Actual Price 735 yen ($6.68)

Air conditioners can accumulate a lot of dirt fast over a short period of time and this is a perfect equipment to clean them. You can insert the fan cleaner into the air vents of the air conditioner to remove any dirt and dust collected within. It is flexible and therefore cleans efficiently by reaching all the way in.

↑It is a perfect tool to clean the air outlet as it bends easily and removes the imbedded dust


Part 8Clean mirrors without leaving water marks!

Scotch-Brite Bath Shine awesome mirror refined Strong
Actual Price 1,198 yen ($10.89)

Diamond particles make up the uniform surface of this product that helps in cleaning water marks and year-old stains from mirrors and other bathroom surfaces. The sheets can be replaced and are gentle enough for everyday use.

↑Attach the sheet to the holder (main body) and rub the surface to make your mirror look as good as new


【Part 9】Foaming brush perfect for cleaning bathtubs!

Belle Maison Bathtub Brush to clean with foam
Actual Price 864 yen ($7.85)

This bathtub brush with straw-like special bristles designed by Belle Maison makes removing tough dirt fast and easy. It is now easier to scrub corners using this brush. Just hook it on the towel bar when not in use.

↑This brush comes with a notch at the tip that bends at 60 degrees to efficiently clean curved surfaces of bathtubs and washbasins

【Garbage dumping】

Wondering how to efficiently dispose garbage? Make garbage removal and disposal simpler with these products that can collect both smaller as well as bulky items.

Part 1Cuts hard material easily!

Fujiwara Sangyo SK11 Strong Universal Scissors AD SST-220AD
Actual Price 1,423 yen ($ 12.94)

This pair of powerful scissors can be used to cut hard materials like plastic, cardboard and carpets swiftly with ease. The grip of the scissors can be adjusted to fit perfectly within your hands. Light and sharp, the blades are made of stainless steel and are rust resistant.

↑Cut up bulky stuff in order to dispose them with regular garbage. (Ms. Yamaguchi)


【Part 2】Compact PET bottle compressor for easy disposal

Yachiyo Industry PET Bottle Compressor!
Actual Price 500 yen ($4.55)

The idea behind this product is to remove air from the bottles and compress them for easy disposal. Just slide the lever back and forth after inserting the elastomeric mouthpiece into the PET bottle. Once the bottle is crushed it is easy to dispose with the cap closed.

↑The lever is easy to use and does not require much force


Part 3You can compress garbage to one-third size without getting your hands dirty

Joseph Joseph Titan 30
Actual Price 28,080 yen ($255.27)

A smart trash box that can compress and reduce the volume of garbage to a third. At times there are too much rubbish and no time to clear them. All we have to do is grasp the lever in the trash bin and push the rubbish down to compress them without dirtying our hands. A deodorizing filter is attached to the back side of the lid to eliminate any bad odour. Commercially available 45 ℓ garbage bags can also be used with this box. This is a limited product release on QVC Japan.

↑This trash bin can fit approximately 3 times more garbage than the usual bin. There is possibility of the product being sold out

【Preventive cleaning】

Prevention is better than cure! Well, it applies to cleaning as well. So let’s find out some products that can help prevent dirt and save us the pain of cleaning the house too often.


Part 1Prevent dust from coming in through the ventilation fan!

Toyo Aluminium sheets for filter ventilation fans
Actual Price 298 yen ($ 2.71)

These sheets can filter the air that comes through the ventilation fan and thus prevents dust from coming in. It is easy to stick the sheet even in high places. It is easy to identify when the filtering sheet has gone dry and needs replacing as it shows the dirt easily then.


【Part 2】Prevent fungus and algae growth at the drain trap outlet just by placing this!

Earth Corporation Pink Slime Preventive Antifungal Plus for Bath Drain
Actual Price 538 yen ($4.89)

Place the antifungal case in the drain trap outlet to prevent the growth of fungus and algae for about 2 months. It contains wasabi-derived active ingredient “allyl isothiocyanate”, and does not contain chlorine. There is also a seal to let you know when it’s time for a replacement.


Part 3Hangs on the mouth of kitchen drain trap to keep it sterilized!

Seria Flower Drain Port Slime Removal Large (Chlorine Type)
Actual Price 108 yen ($0.98)

This freshener is designed to keep the strainer of the kitchen basin trap clean. It is simple to install and keeps the drain trap sterilized, odour free and is effective for up to 5 weeks. There is also a smaller size (2P) that can last for about 2 weeks.

No more hard scrubbing! Here are the top 3 recommended detergent

Selecting the right kind of detergent is important to reduce the time needed for cleaning. Here we have listed 3 high-performance detergents that provide great cleaning results.

【Part 1】Utamaro environment-friendly cleaner spray

Utamaro Cleaner
Actual Price 507 yen ($4.61)

↑Popular brand “Utamaro” cleaner for home use. It comprises of amino acid-based cleaning components and is effective in getting rid of sticky oil stains, grime and food remains


Part 2Soaking overnight is unnecessary! This detergent cleans in about 20 minutes due to strong foaming!

Miyazaki Chemistry

Rooted Revolution

Actual Price 860 yen ($7.82)

↑This cleaning agent removes mouldy stains using highly concentrated oxygen foam. It takes only twenty minutes to wash, sterilize and deodorize the washing tub. The effect lasts for about 4 months


【Part 3】Mokomoko foam makes cleaning the toilet easy!

Senjo-Riki Moko Bubble Toilet Cleaner
Actual Price 461 yen ($4.19)

↑The detergent foam can be spread easily at the edges of the toiletbowl to clean it thoroughly from top-down


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