Keep the Football Fever alive with Nike’s Limited-Ed, World Cup Inspired Collection

Congratulations to France for emerging as the champions of the World Cup! While the World Cup might be done and dusted, it will take some time for the cheer to simmer down and as France celebrates we would like to bring to light these limited edition sneakers from Nike. It’s called the Nike Air Zoom Spiridon.This “Nike Air Zoom Spiridon” was first introduced in the 1990’s and it’s been brought back for the FIFA World Cup in Russia in 2018.


It has the iconic Nike swoosh that is a nice and shiny iridescent finish. The color changes when light hits it at different angles. Just below the swoosh are the national flags of the countries participating in the World Cup.

A nylon overlay is arranged 360 degrees all around from the upper tow, and the pattern of the national flag is printed there. International color perfect score!Protecting the outer layer of the shoe is a nylon overlay, just above the national flags. This is a shoe not just for one country, but for the world!
The mesh aids breathability and guarantees you won’t be sweating under the shoes. The shoes are built for comfort.
If you bring your face close to the swoosh, you can see many faces in various angles.

The iridescent material can also be seen on the nylon strip in the back of the shoe. The back carries the printed national flags as well.


This shoe will seamlessly color coordinate with football jerseys, and will look incredible with my Samurai Blue Jersey!


Not only during the football world cup, these shoes are perfect for any international conventions.

17,280 yen (160USD)The 3/4 length Zoom Air unit is a premium model based on the Nike Air Zoom Spiridon, which provides a comfortable feeling that softens and bends, with a flag pattern on the entire upper surface.

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