Muroto City, Kochi Prefecture: The perfect place for family trips!

The city has much more to offer than just its famous cape

2017 was a milestone for the Japanese Meiji government as it celebrated its the 150th anniversary, when the Meiji Restoration event took place; the excitement of this historic event is likely to continue for a while.

I believe many will assume that I would visit Kochi Prefecture (previously known as the Tosa Province) because of this occasion. However, Kochi has produced great heroic figures such as Ryoma Sakamoto, Shintaro Nakaoka, and Iwasaki Yatarou. And there are many more spots to visit. One particular place that caught our attention was Muroto, which is located in the southeastern end of Kochi prefecture.

Many people wrongly assume that Muroto Town only has Cape Muroto for sightseeing. However there are many more family friendly spots suitable for both parents and children. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Explore the mysteries of the Earth at Muroto UNESCO Global Geopark

Geopark is where you can learn more information about Mother Earth. Muroto Geopark was also certified as a World UNESCO Geopark in 2011.

There are guided tours around the park.

Visiting the Muroto Geopark during December last year was highly recommended because of the “Earth x Chikyu” Exhibition held at the time. The Chikyu was a scientific vessel built to drill through Earth to a depth of 100km, through the Nankai Trough that is a hotbed of mega earthquakes, to collect sediments and other core materials. The exhibition showcased the results of Chikyu’s excavations so it is a great learning experience for children as well as their parents.

Experience the history of Muroto with the latest digital technology at Kiramesse Muroto

The station of Kiramesse Muroto is located along the coast of Kurotagawa Town, Muroto City. Located on the premises is the Whale pavilion that was renewed in March 2017. Here, you can experience the history of Muroto City and its whales. Using the latest digital technology such as 360° Panoramic VR, you can have the same experience as riding an actual boat ship.

The Streets of Kiragawa has a unique landscape and history that will simply take your breath away

Long ago, Kiragawa was a prosperous place because people would produce “Tosa high-grade Bincho charcoal” and they would supply lumber and charcoal to cities such as Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka. The lucrative coal trade had allowed the people in the city to amass fortunes and become rich. Kiragawa also became the first city in Kochi to become a national preservation location.
Due to frequent typhoons in the area, the buildings had to be constructed in a special way for them to withstand the inclement conditions.

Relax in Muroto’s Deep Sea Water!

In each zone of the elliptical heated pool, you can enjoy underwater exercises that are enabled using waterflow and water pressure such as aqua massage, underwater walking and stretching

SeaRest Muroto is a health promotion facility that utilizes Muroto Ocean deep sea water. It is equipped with full-scale facilities such as pool that is set to body temperature. It has an open-air bath, Finnish sauna, outside air bath and hot tubs. Under the guidance of the instructor, you can experience various hydro-motion programs as well.

■ SeaRest Muroto

Taste the yummy Kinmedai Sashimi Rice Bowl!

In Muroto catches of Kinmedai (splendid alfonsino) are better than any other city in western Japan. Kinmedai is premium fish in Japan. Ten restaurants in the city serve “Muroto Kinme Don”. Try it.

■ Muroto City Tourist Association

Muroto city is a city rich in history. In recent years, a lot of facilities have been developed and different kind of events have been introduced that can be enjoyed by parents and kids alike.
Muroto has become the perfect destination for a holiday for a family.

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