Must-buy from Daiso! A 100-Yen Home Cleaning Experience

Have you ever begin given a handful of change and wondered what you could buy for 100 yen? Surprisingly, there are numerous household products that you can purchase at this price, often overlooked by the average customer.

In this article we’re going to talk about one of these products that’s a steal at 100 yen.

The PET Bottle Slim Brush

Homes get dirty everyday, especially when open windows let in dust and pollen on the breeze, accumulating in window blinds or ledges and gradually affecting one’s overall health.

To counter this, Daiso Japan has come up with an innovative product called the Slim Brush.

When you first remove the brush from the clamshell packaging, you’ll notice its petite size and probably wonder how this is going to help you clean.

To make this brush work, you’ll need a PET bottle.

Remove the cap of the PET bottle and attach the brush to the top of the bottle by screwing it on as you would the cap. Now you have a portable cleaning system! Let’s get to the inner workings of the brush.
You see the blue peg in the image above? When you push that in, the red peg pops out, meaning the water from the bottle is ready to flow through the brush.
When you tilt the bottle, the water flows out and you can wash the dust off the window sash as the water flows out for a thorough clean.

You can control the amount of water by adjusting the blue peg. If you wish to stop the water flow, simply push the red peg in completely.

Instead of plain water, you could also use liquid detergent to clean.

This can be used not only for cleaning window blinds, you could also use it for stubborn dirt on cars, grease in the kitchen and so on.

For just 100 yen, Daiso Japan has produced a solid cleaning product that is handy as well as effective.

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