Pasta now Falls into the New Casual Fast Food in Japan

Pasta dishes are timelessly fashionable, delicious and rich in variety. Moreover in Japan, pasta’s popularity is deep-rooted, especially among women. Under such circumstances and addiction, an unprecedented new style of pasta specialty store – PULS opened in Ebisu, Tokyo during late 2018.  Here is Japan’s first gourmet pasta that is enjoyed as causal fast food. Let’s look at some of the unique characteristics of the store that make it unique and appealing to the patrons.


Both cooking and drinks preparation are supervised by world champion

Yoshi Yamada who became world-famous after being crowned the first Pasta Champion

The first thing that will surprise you as soon as you enter the shop is the restaurant manager who helms everything in the store. Also, the chef behind the concept store, Mr Yoshi Yamada – a renowned name in the world of Pasta gourmet. The award winning chef is world-famous in the culinary world just like the famous British chef, Gordon Ramsay. Mr Yamada was the first winner at the annual “Barilla Pasta World Championship”. The championship celebrates the talents of the world’s best pasta chefs and is held every year.


The chef designs the entire restaurant menu items himself, thus creating the pull factor and entices you to come and try the food. The pasta dishes served in the restaurant are playful and innovative, which resulted in huge crowd standing in line waiting for the food.


Innovative recipe that can fill an order fast and deliciously

With the pre-boiled method, pasta is cooked in hot water in advance

As a fast food concept restaurant, one of the most important concerns is speed of service without compromising food quality. Orders get prepared and delivered to the customer quickly. In this store, the time taken between ordering and filling the order takes only three minutes! Even though dried pasta is used, the cooking is hastened due to the “Pre-boiled Method”. Using this cooking method, the pasta are boiled in advance and then refrigerated. Keeping the pasta in this state allows shorter preparation and service time to the customers. Furthermore, this does not reduce the freshness and taste of the pasta at all.


You cannot miss the different variety of pastas that are ordered from eight different manufacturers in order to make sure that each pasta is compatible with the individual sauces. Some favourites are the long twisted pastas with a crisp surface and the smaller short tubed shaped pastas. Several varieties of sauces and toppings are also available to choose from.

Hong Kong Style Arrabbiata – 850 yen ($ 7.73) + Additional Chili Oil – 100 yen ($ 0.91). This is spicy pasta made with a technique that enhances the fragrance of chili peppers. Recommended to serve with penne pasta


Three Garlic Pasta – 850 yen ($7.73) + Additional garlic – 100 yen ($ 0.91). 3 kinds of garlics – raw minced garlic, garlic confit, and fried garlic. The exquisite texture is important for the pasta to taste good. Recommended to serve with spaghetti


Carbonara with Double Egg yolk – 1000 yen ($ 9.09) + Additional truffle oil – 100 yen ($ 0.91). Fresh cream is used for the pasta. Recommended to serve with rigatoni pasta


The regular pasta used is 85g. If you want to enjoy more, you can order 100g of pasta by topping up 100 yen ($ 0.91).

Self Service Toppings corner, just like in a fast food shop

The store is not only a place to enjoy pasta, but it’s also a chill out café. In the evenings, you can enjoy a glass of wine here with your friends, family, or loved ones. There are dine-in options and delivery options too, making the fast food pasta all the more inviting.


The café menu includes brewed coffee and tea

The breads available in the shop are homemade. Three kinds of bread are available – Focaccia (200 yen – $ 1.82), Calzone (500 yen – $ 4.55), and Espresso Roll (350 yen – $ 3.18)


Fashionable American style square packaging for take away!

Pasta is served in a cute square container style packaging

Even though the pasta fast food culture in the United States is well established, Puls is still a new fast food concept here in Japan that is just ready to take off.


Reviewing the Japanese restaurant industry as a whole, the wave of quick service trend has taken over traditional Japanese dishes such as yakiniku and yakitori. So pasta fast food will surely become the latest trend and is definitely something to check out today!


Shop information

PULS Ebisu store
Address: 1-11-13 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
3 minutes’ walk from Ebisu station West Exit
Opening Hours: 10: 00 – 22: 00 (Last Order 21: 30)
Open Daily

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