Remember to Try These 3 Local Gourmet Products in the Okayama Prefecture

Kurashiki city in the Okayama prefecture

You may remember the Okayama prefecture for their famous Japanese peach fable, the Momotaro. Apart from being famous for their peaches throughout Japan, the Kibi Dango (rice dumplings) is also among the top Okayama famous food. To help you make the most of an Okayama food experience, we have introduced some delicious specialty products found here that you must try when you visit.

1: Sweet and spicy snack that is loved by children and adults alike!

Hiruzen Yakisoba Suitonkai

Yakisoba Flavoured Gotsupote

On the top of our list among Okayama to-try snack is Hiruzen Yakisoba Flavoured Gotsupote.

The original “Hiruzen Yakisoba” was created by a middle aged lady from the Masuya restaurant of the Hiruzen Plateau during the middle of Showa period. Chicken and cabbage are put in the Yakisoba noodle is seasoned with original rich miso sauce that brings out an aromatic taste and is now a signature food of Okayama. Yakisoba Flavoured Gotsupote is reproducing the taste of this Yakisoba’s unique spicy and sweet sauce.

Crunchy and handy snack that does not get crushed easily. It is easy to store and eat

For this pack, the spicy aroma of Yakisoba will make your mouth water the moment the bag is opened. This Hiruzen Yakisoba flavouring is made up of vegetable powder, special sauce and garlic that give it a sweet and spicy flavour. The look of these snack sticks will surely increase your appetite. Furthermore, it has a strong flavour that makes it a perfect snack to have with beer. This snack is loved by people of all ages and is worth trying if you are passing through Okayama prefecture. One bag of Hiruzen Yakisoba snack costs 270 yen ($ 2.45).


2: Drink this sweet and sour refreshing Muscat yoghurt!

Takebe yoghurt

Muscat Yogurt drink (Using Okayama’s Muscat of Alexandria)

Peaches and muscat are some of the specialty fruit produces of Okayama Prefecture. The region is well known for its production of a variety of grapes such as New Pione and Seto Giants. This yogurt product is made up of the juice from Muscat of Alexandria grapes. This is a yoghurt drink with fruit juice of  Muscat of Alexandria, a specialty product of Okayama prefecture and Muscat of Alexandria is called “Queen of fruit” due to high sugar content and pulp density. You can feel the strong grape taste in your mouth yet the sweetness of this product is moderate. With a refreshing aftertaste, the experience comes closer to Lassi rather than yoghurt drink.

Yogurt made from fresh local milk combined with the Okayama “Queen of Fruits” i.e. Muscat of Alexandria

Because of the thick texture, it is recommended to be consumed as a cold dessert. There are many fruit flavoured yogurts but Muscat flavour is really unique. A 160ml cup of this yogurt costs 216 yen ($ 1.96). Just give it a try when you come to Okayama.


3: Jelly with luxurious flavour and exquisite sweetness of peaches!

Tanio Foods Industry Co., Ltd

Okayama’s White Peach Jelly

As you may have read in the story of Momotaro, Okayama is the to-go place for its peaches. The peach cultivation began in the Meiji era and now, 30 varieties of peaches are found in this prefecture alone. This delicious White Peach Jelly is made from the best peaches and boasts a high proportion of fruit pulp that retains an exquisite peachy sweet fragrance. This dessert is unlike any regular peach flavoured jelly but tastes more like peaches wrapped in jelly.


Although lemon juice is added to enhance the taste, it still has a sweet and refreshing taste without any acidic flavour. The texture of this white peach jelly is like liquid soft melting in the mouth and soothing the taste buds.

A fresh and visually appealing peach dessert. This is a great gift for close friends and family members when you visit them

You can serve it as it is, either drink it through a thick straw or enjoy it with a spoon. You can also add plain yogurt and turn it into a luxurious peach smoothie drink. One packet of white peach jelly comes in two cups (140g each) and costs 540 yen ($ 4.91).

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