Review: Affordable Air Purifiers

Pollen in the air can be very dangerous, triggering allergies and making it a difficult time for everybody, so you need to be prepared for the pollen season. In this article we cover affordable air purifiers that keep your surroundings healthy!
Yasushi Anzou is a home appliance reviewer and expert. He previously worked in the publishing industry and has vast experience in publications. Apart from writing articles about consumer electronics, he has appeared in other forms of media such as Television, Newspaper, Radio and Magazines as a home appliance expert. He has helped us review the products for this article.

Panasonic Humidifying Air Purifier F-VXP 90

If your priority is to clean up pollen in your house, the Panasonic F-VXP 90 is a good device.The air suction port for the Panasonic is in the lower part of the machine. This is great placement because pollen is generally heavy compared to other particles and they fall to the ground. It’s easier to suck the pollen of the floor with the suction being close to the base.The F-VXP 90 has another feature called the Double Flow Twin Louver that blows wind in two directions. It spreads the pollen and makes it fall in the floor, which makes it easy for the device to suck it from the floor.The F-VXP 90 is quite wide, and can clean an equivalent of 40 tatami mats.The estimated time to purify is about 7 minutes. It’s humidifying capacity is about 870ml an hour, which is quite a large volume! This is actually quite big for an ordinary house. There are smaller versions such as the F-VXP 70 (equivalent to 31 tatami mats) and the F-VXP 50 (25 tatami mats).


Let’s do a simple price and performance comparison among these models.

Humidified Air Purifier F-VXP 90
Actual Price 68,610 yen (approx. 857.6 sgd) 
Humidified air purifier F-VXP 70
Actual price 58,270 yen (approx. 728.3 sgd) 
Humidified air purifier F-VXP55
Actual price 48,483 yen (approx. 606 sgd)
The F-VXP 90 and the F-VXP 70 are equipped with the Nanoi X which has Nanoe, an acidic water particle that reacts with viruses and bacteria and removes the hydrogen content from them, effectively immobilizing them.It also works on Particulate Matter (PM 2.5) which is a lethal pollutant, and effective against odors from tobacco and pets.
The F-VXP 55 has a Nano E that has a bedroom mode that cleanses the surroundings thoroughly before you go to bed and works quietly while you are sleeping. None of these models are compatible with smartphones.

Sharp Plasmacluster Humidifying Air Purifier KI-HP100

Sharp has a lot of models suited to different households. You can choose the one that is perfect for your room size.
The first one we cover is the KI-HP 100 with the Plasma Cluster NEXT. The concentration of Plasma Cluster in this model is more than normal. The body is also quite large but it can clean an equivalent to 46 tatami mats. It’s priced at 120,000 yen (approx. 1,500 sgd).A smaller model is the KI-HX75 that can clean about 34 tatami mats or the KI-HS50 that can fit on 23 tatami mats. KI-HS50 costs about 47,000 yen (approx. 587.5 sgd).There is a mode in these models that purifies the home in 10 minutes with a continuous air blast that removes pollen as well. On top of that is the Plasma Cluster Powerful Shot that released high concentration of plasma cluster at a particular direction, so if there’s specific odour coming from a spot, just point the purifier at it and you should have a better smelling environment.
Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier
Actual price 119,760 yen (approx. 1497 sgd) 
Sharp Plasmacluster humidified air purifier
Actual price 78,710 yen (approx. 983.87 sgd) 
The KI-HX75 and the KI-HS50 are equipped with Plasmacluster 25000 while the KI-HP100 has the Plasmacluster NEXT that has double the concentration of the smaller models.These models are compatible with an IoT Cloud service called Cocoro Air that understand the user’s preference and usage over time and automatically switches modes without manual intervention. The KI-HP100 and the KI-HX75 have an Automatic Cleaning Power Unit that reduces maintenance time.
The KI-HP100, the KI-HX75 and the KI-HS50 are all compatible with Wi-Fi. With Cocoro Air, the user can monitor the air in the house with the Air Information Monitor that is available in an app.
In the future, visualization will become mainstream, but Sharp must be recognised for having adopted this technology much earlier. Sharp was in the news for selling their LED integrated ceiling air purifier. This product does not have a humidifier. The cleaning time of 8 tatami mats is 19 minutes and the air cleaning ability is not that great. The advantage is to not have anything on the floor, and you don’t have to keep moving it, while vacuuming regularly.
Ceiling Air Purifier FP-AT3
Price 97,070 yen (approx. 1213.3 sgd)
This is the first ceiling air purifier in the world. It’s perfect for households that have kids or pets who will knock down purifiers that are on the floor. This also comes in the color of Cherry Blossom (Sakura) which is the first in the Industry as well.Sharp has another variant and this one is the mosquito-repellant air cleanser.
Mosquito repellent air cleaner plasma cluster equipped FU-GK50
Price 28,660 yen (approx. 358.2 sgd)
With the help of powerful UV lights, the mosquitoes are attracted and when they are close to the machine, they are sucked into it. There is a mosquito sheet that you get along with the purifier that you can clean every once in a while.

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