Review: The G-Shock Gravitymaster

The latest GPW-2000 is equipped with a 3 way time sync system, the first of its kind. There have been many commercials promoting this watch and the phone app, so I thought I’d give it a test run.

I wore the GPW-2000 everyday for a while to assess its most important features. Here is what I concluded.

The Bluetooth connection is very convenient.

G – SHOCK “Master of G Gravity Master GPW – 2000 – 1A2JF”

Reference price / 108,000 yen (approx. 981.81 usd)

Works with photovoltaic power generation equipped with a newly developed module equipped with three standard antennas, GPS satellite radio, Bluetooth 3 Way Time sync shows the most accurate time, one touch access to universal time with UTC button is also a feature.

【SPEC】 ● Material: SS + resin + carbon case, carbon fiber insert band ● Waterproof: 20 atm ● Size / mass: W57.1 × H66 × D18.1mm / approx 120g

Generally, watches with many functions complicate things. To set functions such as alarm, stopwatch and world clocks, you need to use the buttons built into the watch and this takes some getting used to.

When you connect it with the Bluetooth, you can sync it to your smartphone and change the time on your phone and the watch simultaneously.

The movement of the watch needle is a unique technology from Casio, which is interesting to watch. The commitment of the development team to this watch can be felt.

Coordinating with a GPS satellite

To sync the time and position information from the GPS satellite, just press the side button that is close to 4 o’clock. Pretty straightforward!

When the second hand points to T(Time) on the watch, that means it is trying to get the correct Time; when it points to T and P, the correct time and position.

To receive the radio waves transmitted from the GPS satellites, it’s essential that you are outdoors. This is a flaw of the watch that could have been countered by using standard waves.

After the time and position is synced, the second hand moves to Y that tells you the sync was successful.

Once the position information is received from the satellite, the display near 6 o’clock starts spinning and slowly moves like a compass until it stops at the right spot. This is the longitudinal information.

Using the Flight Log Function

The GPW-2000 has a unique feature called the flight log function that is connected to a smartphone app called the G-Shock Connected.

This nifty feature basically plots your movements and logs the place of departure, the destination, waypoints or return points if any. You can log this information with a simple press of a button that logs the time and place information in the smartphone.

This works even if you don’t travel by a plane.

When you are finished traveling, start the application and go to “Flight log”.

Although the name of the function is flight log, you don’t have to be on a flight to use this functionality. It’s easier to check dynamic movement than to check the details of the path you’ve taken.

Although the test conducted was simple, we can confirm with confidence that the GPS Satellite Radio Reception and Bluetooth Connection features are top notch.

It takes a while to master this multifunctioning watch, but it’s fun learning how to use it. My concern was how quickly the battery was getting depleted because of its sync by the smartphone app. This was assuaged by the fact that it runs on photovoltaic power and there is no need for concern.

With G Shock’s durability in unquestionable, it’s a perfect companion for overseas trips where you can be sure that it won’t break.

Amongst the features of the 3 way sync, I didn’t test the Standard Radio Reception. It is received at night and most people go out at least once a day. This makes this feature unnecessary. It should be the last resort to get accurate time. Casio have decided not to discriminate and have added this feature as well.

By Daisuke Mizufuji, Editor at Watchnavi

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