Should You Stay in a Hotel or a Condominium While Visiting Hawaii?

While visiting Hawaii, there is an option of staying in a regular hotel or in a condominium.  To stay in a condominium means to rent a room in a condominium where you become a guest of the local host. Well, so should you stay at one of the hotels or in a condominium on your trip? Here we look at the advantages and disadvantages of both options, and in addition, you can also find our recommendation for the respective accommodation types.



Advantages: Excellent location and good services

The biggest advantage of staying at a hotel is the location it offers. Hotels are generally situated at the city centre or next to the beach. Moreover, the services that you receive at hotels are unmatchable compared to what you get from a condominium. In addition, if you would want to stay in an oceanfront room at Hawaii, or if you need to stay close to the beach or if your activities during your stay are connected to the beach, a hotel is definitely recommended for you.


Disadvantage: High room rates

The growing popularity of Hawaii is directly proportional to the hotel room rates that are rising quite sharply. The average room rate of hotels in Hawaii during December 2017 was a record high of $319 per night. The average price per day in 2017 was $264, 4.1 % up from 2016. This trend in the rise of prices has remained unchanged for 2018. It is necessary to prepare a budget for hotel expenses while planning a trip to Hawaii, which proves to be quite costly.


Moreover, depending on the hotel, a “resort fee” of about tens of dollars per room is imposed on the guests. With this additional resort fee, several benefits such as Wi-Fi services are provided to the guests during their stay. Unfortunately guests have to pay the fee regardless the services are required or not.


Some of the popular hotels recommended for tourists

  1. 1. Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa

Starting from 29,941 yen per night (about $272.19) – as of December 10th 2018

The hotel is located in the centre of Waikiki with the Waikiki beach right in front of the main entrance. The location and services available at the hotel are impeccable.


  1. 2. The Laylow Autograph Collection

Starting from 28,371 yen per night (about $257.92) – as of December 10th 2018

This hotel has recently been renovated. It is quite popular amongst ladies due to the lovely and cute designs of the rooms.



Advantages: Ideal for long-term stay and cheaper than hotels

In some parts of Hawaii, condominiums are expensive. However in general the room rates are still cheaper than that of hotels (the prices vary depending on the condominiums and locations). If you want to save money on lodging, a condominium is the recommended form of accommodation for you. Moreover, several facilities such as kitchenette, refrigerator, and cookware/tableware are usually provided in the condominium to ensure maximum comfort and ease. You also get to enjoy the pleasure of visiting the supermarket and buying food for cooking in a foreign land. There are also BBQ pits available, so you can enjoy a nice BBQ party with your friends. With utilities like shared laundry, staying at the condominium is convenient for those with babies, young children, as well as for those staying longer periods.


Disadvantage: Expectations for room service are not met

The biggest disadvantage of staying in a condominium is the lack of amenities such as toiletries. Cleaning of the room may also not be done daily. Such services vary from one condo to the other and from one agent to the other, so it is a good idea to check carefully during the time of reservation.

Furthermore the condominium generally rent out the rooms with a shared space so there may be cases when you feel disappointed because you imagine a stay just like a hotel room.


Popular condominiums for travellers

  1. 1. Aston at the Waikiki Banyan

Starting from 19,303 yen per night (about $175.48) – as of December 10th 2018

Other than the huge pool, this fabulous accommodation also has a tennis court and BBQ facilities. The Waikiki Beach is just a few minutes’ walk away.


  1. 2. Aqua Skyline at Island Colony

Starting from 12,976 yen per night (about $117.96) – as of December 10th 2018


This condominium is located at a quiet and convenient location, close to the centre of Waikiki. You can reach DFS in a couple of minutes on foot. Facilities such as pool and laundry are available in the condo.


Please check the features of the hotels and condominiums that you wish to stay during your holiday. Also, review the advantages and disadvantages, then select the accommodation style best suited for your trip.

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