Siroca Kitchen Appliances are the Latest Gadgets of Incredible Convenience

Siroca Inc, most well-known for the incredible Japanese rice cooker “Kamado-san” that simplified rice cooking, has now introduced two new kitchen appliances.


Equipped with “instant heating” capabilities, the new hybrid Toaster Oven has a high-temperature heater and reflection plates inside the toaster cabinet to reduce the baking time to 1 minute. According to Mr Ogawa Daisuke, Group Development Manager at Siroca Product Development Department, reducing the cooking time resulted from the demand for deliciousness. He mentioned that this toaster oven do not allow the moisture to escape while baking and conversely kept the moisture within that helped in retaining the tastiness of the food.


Meanwhile, the “Petite Pot”(electric kettle) has been designed to allow more features than just boiling water. It is also easy to make small casserole dishes such as cheese fondues using this pot as it allows you to control temperature.


Mr Ogawa says that as the motto of Siroca is “Thoughtful, Sophisticated and Earnest” and in pursuit of it, the design was also simple and beautifully finished. Sales of the company’s products are likely to increase as users love to use these convenient appliances in their kitchens.


Retains the moisture of bread with instant heating


Hybrid Toaster Oven

Expected sales price 16,070 yen ($ 96.91) For 2 slices of bread,

21,470 yen ($ 195.18) For 4 slices of bread

Product released on January 25, 2019

Using the 1 minute quick heating feature, the outside of the bread becomes crispy while the inside remains soft. No pre-heating is necessary as the temperature inside the toaster cabinet instantly warm up to 280°C with the high-fired heater and reflector, circulating fan and low emission glass door. Baking fried food in this toaster is also easy and tastes equally delicious.

SPEC: ● Power consumption: 1400W ● Temperature: 100 to 280°C ● Timer: Maximum 15 minutes ● Size / Weight: W350 × H229 × D286mm / Approximately 3.5kg (For 2 slices of bread)


Three knobs that can be operated intuitively. On/off knob for convection (hot air circulation fan), temperature control knob at 100°C to 280°C and time control knob (up to 15 minutes)

Reflector under the coiled heater is for concentrating radiant heat on food ingredients. The unbalanced heat is spread uniformly by the dimple plate at the back

The toaster door on the front is detachable so that cleaning of bread crumbs and oil stains can be done easily. Glass door also comes with mirror coating to prevent heat from escaping


In addition to boiling water, the pot regulates fine temperature and can be used for cooking other food!


Multi-Purpose Electric Kettle “Petite Pot”

Expected sales price 11,880 yen ($ 108)

Product released on February 9, 2019

This kettle is so amazing that you can wash the main body of the base by mounting the kettle on the pedestal. Not only can the kettle be used for boiling water, cooking instant noodles and an egg directly in the small pot is also very convenient. The lid has a lock function to prevent food or water from spilling out when transferring the kettle from the base.

SPEC: ● Power consumption: 1200W ● Temperature control function: 40 ~ 100℃ ● Heat retaining function: 60 minutes ● Capacity: 1000ml ● Size / Weight: Approx. W282 × H183 × D182mm / Approximately 1.8kg

Hybrid design of kettle and small pot is interesting. This is a perfect machine for cooking instant noodles

The temperature can be adjusted easily to brew green tea and black tea. You can even heat water up for retort pouches and to warm up sake

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