Taste Test for Kaldi’s 200 Yen Pudding

It is difficult to tell how a pudding is going to taste without trying it first. Japanese pudding desserts also called Japanese purin are amazingly delicious. To find the best Japanese pudding from Kaldi Coffee Farm, a popular supermarket, we have some of the best Japanese pudding up for a taste test.


These Kaldi original Japanese pudding desserts have been ranked from good to best. They all taste incredible and are really affordable.


No.3 Fills the mouth with delicious sweet potato flavor!

Kaldi Original

Sweet Potato Custard Pudding 70g

199 yen ($ 1.81) tax included

This Japanese pudding is made from a kind of sweet potato with high sugar content known as the Anno imo potatoes. The pudding’s moist texture is nice with moderate sweetness. What stands out in this pudding product is the original flavour of roasted sweet potatoes that gives this dessert an aromatic fragrance. This pudding tastes better when served cold from the refrigerator. If you like sweet potatoes, this is a Kaldi favourite that you mustn’t miss.


No.2 Surprising at the perfect blend of soy been and pudding!


Soy Bean Pudding 105g

216 yen ($ 1.96) tax included

This Soy Bean Pudding is another one of Kaldi’s Original products. The texture of this pudding is very smooth as the finely grounded soy bean dissolves perfectly within the pudding. There is a subtle sweetness that is consistent and a creamy melt-in-your-mouth texture. You can eat it with blackstrap molasses (healthy sugar) to enhance the taste and to bring out more flavor.


No.1 Savor the dense and rich taste similar to fine custard cream!


Hokkaido Special Pudding 105g

226 yen ($ 2.05) tax included

 This melt-in-your-mouth pudding is made from Hokkaido sourced milk and eggs. The natural richness of both milk and eggs explode in the mouth with a blast of intense flavours similar to fine custard cream. This pudding can be savoured even without caramel. The texture is fluffy and dense, so eating with a spoon is recommended.

Puddings I ate in a cafeteria of the department store when I was small are what we had always eaten as children. We are always excited to see fresh cream on the caramel puddings, colorfully decorated with fruits on them. Kaldi’s pudding products evoke these great childhood memories and you should certainly try them all to bring back some wonderful time.

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