The 3 Best Store-Bought Pasta Sauce from Kaldi for Your Spaghetti Fix

Pasta is one of the most satisfying dishes available for the soul and is also the one food that is easy to prepare. At Kaldi Coffee Farm, there is a vast selection of different types of pasta sauces. Cooking pasta is really easy and can be done anywhere, whether in a cooking pot or with a microwave oven. Let us jump right into the top 3 delicious pasta sauces from Kaldi.


The author’s choice of pasta

De Cecco

Spaghettini N. 11 (1.6 mm) / 500g

268 yen ($2.44) – tax included

Nothing says Italy like its pastas. TheDe Cecco Spaghettini is an authentic pasta manufactured using wheat and water. This famous high quality pasta is used majorly in the top hotels and restaurants of Italy.


No.3 A lot of soft, fluffy tuna with soy sauce!

Hagoromo Foods

Tuna garlic pasta sauce 100g

159 yen (about USD 1.44) – tax included

This is a Japanese style pasta sauce that has a distinctively fluffy taste and a sweet fragrant. The flavor of garlic and tuna turns out to be very dominating in the sauce. So if you love spicy food and always chase after it, this might be the best option for you. The sauce is already seasoned, thus it is advisable to add salt moderately when boiling the pasta. To enjoy a change of taste, try squeezing some lime juice onto your pasta. This will make your pasta refreshingly delicious. Not just pasta, you should be able to eat deliciously even if you put the sauce on boiled broccoli.


No.2 Enjoy the sweetness of shrimp! The quality gives your pasta a luxurious taste

Kaldi Original

Shrimp Cream Pasta Sauce 130g

288 yen ($ 2.62) – tax included

This creamy shrimp sauce of Kaldi Original has surprisingly excellent quality and is filled with a rich flavor that is reminiscent of the French seafood bisque. The tastiness of the prawns blend so well that you will love your pasta even more than you did before. The shrimp cream coats the pasta perfectly with a really nice texture too.


No.1 The rich flavor of sea urchin blasting your taste buds!

Kaldi Original

Sea Urchin Cream Pasta Sauce 130g

306 yen ($ 2.78) – tax included

This Kaldi Original Sea Urchin Cream sauce is only available during the winter season when you can enjoy a sea urchin. The exquisite taste of the sea urchin harmonizes beautifully with the sweetness of shrimps and the sour tomatoes. The rich cream sauce stays with the pasta perfectly and provides the original flavor of the sea urchin that will make you want to eat more. At this price, this top quality pasta sauce is simply amazing and should be enjoyed with a glass of chilled white wine.

Cooking pasta is quite an easy task so it is all about the flavor. These recommend sauces from Kaldi Coffee Farm are gems that make the pasta meal tastier, while also ensuring that the process of cooking pasta is not very complicated. All you have to do is to warm up the sauce and mix them with the cooked pasta. It is advisable to follow the standard boiling time written on the packet to ensure that the sauce mixes perfectly with the pasta.

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