The 3 Desserts from Kaldi that Go Well With Alcohol

Very few people can resist the temptations of alcohol with desserts. However, having desserts with alcohol can be an enriching gourmet experience if one knows what dessert goes well with which alcohol. At Kaldi Coffee Farm, you can find a variety of sweet goods for adults that go really well with liquor. True dessert fans will know the perfect balance to picking the right kind of dessert, regardless whether you are having it with whisky or brandy. Here we have 3 sweet delights to look out for when you visit Kaldi Coffee Farm.


No.3 A bittersweet chocolate biscuit to go with whiskey!

Arnott’s TimTam Iced Coffee 9 pcs
378 yen ($ 3.44) tax included

Coffee and chocolate are one of the ultimate classic combo we can find in food. Arnott’s TimTam Iced Coffee chocolate biscuit has a rich luxury flavour and is an exclusive product of Kaldi coffee farm in collaboration with the popular Australian ice cream shop “GELATE MESSINA”.

This limited edition product has a substantive coffee taste with the smooth, silky cream sandwiched between two crunchy chocolate cookies. This delicious snack is best served cold. Not only does it taste good with tea and coffee but it also goes well with whiskey. You can cut this delicious cookie into bite sizes to have with drinks as it’s really hard to stop at one.


No.2 Cappuccino marble cake with a moist texture and essence of Café Mocha liqueur!

Schluender Liqueur Cake Cappuccino 400g
680yen ($ 6.18) tax included ※ limited winter sale edition

The German Schluender brand is famous for their delicious liqueur infused cakes. The Liqueur Cake doesn’t feel much alcohol, but the fragrance of liquor remains that combines with chocolate to give the cake a bitter and strong taste. While slicing the cake, you will see the beautiful marble patterns at the intersections. The Schluender Liqueur Cake Cappuccino tastes amazing with alcohol and is totally worth trying.


No.1 Essence of orange liqueur and moist taste!

Schluender Liqueur Cake Orange 400g
680 yen ($ 6.18) tax included ※ limited winter sale

Schluender liqueur cake orange is made with cointreau (orange liqueur) and orange peel. You can feel the taste of rich orange alcohol in every slice of this cake and the harmony of the cake and orange liqueur fragrance are exquisite. The dense texture of this cake is a delight as it seems that the cake is freshly baked from the oven. You can have this as a dessert or try it with smoky single malt to complement the delicious flavour.

The combination of desserts and alcohol is unique and quite gratifying. Try these three exclusive desserts you can find at Kaldi Coffee Farm and experience the gourmet treat yourself.


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