The 8 Essential Office Stationery from Kaunet You Should Have

ASKUL and KAUNET are the leading stationery providers that offer an entire range of original and unique stationary wares and they even take mail orders for office supplies. These two popular firms have earned a place for themselves locally with their efficient day-to-day office stationery supplies in Japan.


Askul is a Japanese e-commerce company specializing in cool stationery while Kaunet is a subsidiary of major stationery and office supply manufacturer Kokuyo Group. The latter specializes in mail-order supply operations for office procurement. You can find a range of cool Japanese stationery in their original brand “Kaunet Premium” that is designed for office workers. In this article, we will focus on Kaunet.


【The Reviewer】
Kidate Taku. He has over 3000 different stationery and is a regular contributor for GetNavi web.


【Part 1】 Store all your documents in this bag for meetings!

Meeting bag (with zip)
Actual Price 2678 yen ($ 24.35)

This bag allows you to carry notebooks, writing pads, pens and other accessories while you are headed for an office meeting within the company building. It has an adjustable inner divider that can be fixed with a hook and loop fastener to help you make space inside the bag and store your items accordingly.

“It is great for moving around within the office quickly and is very helpful in meetings as you can store a lot of stuff in the mesh pockets. It is very useful during meetings because it is able to stand alone at your feet.” (Mr. Kidate)


Part 2 Perfect file for storing documents in transparent pockets

Pocket Refill (Single Pocket)
Actual Price 537 yen ($ 4.88) for 20 packs

You can paste as many pockets as you like in this file. Documents can be put inside the pocket and attached by adhesive tape to stick it on the back of the file. This is convenient as you can decide the thickness and size of your file by adding or removing document pockets. There are four types of this file with different pocket sizes.

“The file is perfect to sort out scattered documents and arrange them according to your needs. It’s amazing that additional pockets can be added without protruding from the sides.” (Mr. Kidate)


Part 3 Manage sticky notes with tasks side by side!

Memo with Stand & Clasp
Actual Price 699 yen ($ 6.35)

This is a dedicated stand for sticking and pasting post-it-notes and is perfect for office use. The length of this stand has a 25mm interval that is the same as the width of a sticky note and you can schedule your tasks and stick it cleanly. A mini tray is also attached to the stand for placing the wad of sticky notes.

“This stand is perfect for a ‘To-Do’ list of managing office chores. You can stick your notes on this stand to remember the tasks you need to finish instead of checking your notebook or planner every time.” (Mr. Kidate)


[Part 4] Store small items neatly on the panel!

Katazuk Desk Storage Panel
Actual Price 3326 yen ($ 30.24)

You can store daily use stationery on this stand neatly. With a 300mm wide panel, it is easy to retrieve small items from attached tray or storage box hanging on the panel rather than searching for them in the desk drawers.

“Even if the desk space is cramped, this panel makes the most of the compact space. It will be easier to clean the desk without sticky notes, pens, smartphones and other such items lying around untidily.” (Mr. Kidate)


【Part 5】 Better efficiency with grey marker for erasing!

2 WAY Check Marker
Actual Price 170 yen ($ 1.55)

This is a two-way marker that has highlighter tip on one end and gray marker eraser on the other end. It makes the highlighted sentences more pronounced and easier to read. This product is available in three colours: pink, green and yellow.

“You can use the grey end of the marker to erase the tasks that have been done. This makes your checklist simpler and work becomes more organized and efficient.” (Mr. Kidate)


【Part 6】Take a memo easily while on the phone!

Write easily even with one hand
B 7 · 100 pieces
Actual Price 115 yen ($ 1.05)

This memo pad has anti-slip on the bottom that enables you to write easily without holding the page down. This book comes in different types of rulings, sizes, and colors.

“You won’t have to strain your neck to hold the phone receiver when you are on call while taking notes simultaneously. This is surprisingly easy to write down!” (Mr. Kidate)


【Part 7】 Portable whiteboard that can be used anywhere

Portable Meeting Whiteboard
A3 Horizontal (382 × 440 mm)
Actual Price 4298 yen ($ 39.07)

Portable Meeting Whiteboard has a handle that makes it easy to carry and assemble. It is very productive for small room meetings where installing a large white board is difficult. It also has a pocket where you can keep markers and erasers.

“It is good even for brief meetings! Although there are many other similar items in the market, this is the best in terms of size and portability” (Mr. Kidate)


Part 8 Easy to install by peeling off the tape and pasting it on the desk

Garbage bag with tape that can be used without waste basket 
Actual Price 235 yen ($ 2.14) for a packet containing 30 bags

This garbage bag can be used simply by pasting it at the side of the desk. It is very simple to install as you just have to peel off the tape attached to the edge of the bag and stick it to the desk. Once it is full, you can easily dispose it and replace it with a fresh bag. This garbage bag comes in different capacities varying from 10 liter to 40 liter type.

“A creative product that makes it easy to collect and dispose garbage without the need of a waste basket.” (Mr. Kidate)

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