The Best Notebooks from Muji

Muji takes a lot of pride in how their products are good in quality and sold at very reasonable prices. One product genre that they are widely known for is stationery.


Muji has no equal to it when it comes to stationery. Their designs and quality transcend the national borders. Muji customers often remarked that the products are so beautiful that they want to leave it untouched.


In today’s article, we cover 3 different types of papers from Muji notebooks. These include “high-quality paper”, “planted wood paper” and “recycled paper”.

High-Quality Paper Edition

As the name suggests, the high-quality paper edition of Muji notebooks comprises paper with the finest finish.


No. 1: One that opens perfectly instead of to one side or the other

High-quality paper 

Flat open notebook

450 yen (USD4.09)


The first thing you notice about this notebook is that when you open it, it lays perfectly flat on either side and won’t close up by itself. The notebooks are available in light gray (ruled vertical dots) and black (ruled).


The notebook is ink friendly and the pages are extremely smooth that give your writing a sharp finish. The binding is excellent and you won’t see any of the pages or loose threads falling out. It has 80 pages and is available in A6, A5 and B6 sizes.

It opens at 180 degrees flat on whichever page you turn to


No.2: The fountain-pen notebook

High-quality paper for smooth writing

250 yen (USD2.27)


This cream-coloured high-quality paper notebook is made for people who love to write notes or keep track of their daily thoughts. If you are a fountain-pen person, then writing in this notebook is a dream come true!


Available in A6, A5 and B6 sizes this is a perfect notebook for people who write journals and want to preserve thoughts or experiences. It contains 72 pages and has a yarn stitch binding.



High-quality paper

Hardcover notebook

700 yen (USD6.36)


This notebook will be well liked by one who wants an excuse to buy stationary. It is easy to carry around and doesn’t get beaten out of shape easily, so you can bring it anywhere. It comes in A6 size with 96 pages and has a bookmark tie along with it.



Wood free paper: a page a day notebook

590 yen (USD5.36)


This planner by Muji has 368 pages in total and even if you use one page a day, it will still last an entire year. This little diary is perfect to record your daily schedule or to prepare a customized itinerary. The ruled lines are easy to use and it comes in A6 (paperback) size.



Vinyl chloride cover

Fine-quality paper – Monthly/ Weekly schedule

490 yen (USD4.45)


For those busy ones who have tons of work to figure out daily, this notebook can help you sort out your monthly/ weekly plans. Pages are divided into periods such that this notebook can be used for over 15 months. It is available in A5 and A6 sizes.

Paper from planted trees

Muji has always been an ecofriendly brand that is focused on environmental protection. In order to do so, Muji also uses paper produced from hardwood such as acacia and eucalyptus trees that are planted from afforestation projects.


No.1: The value for money notebook

Afforestation paper

Five Packed Colored Notebook

199 yen (USD1.80)


This environmentally-friendly product consists of 5 ruled notebooks with different colour spines that can help segregate different subjects. It can be used for both work and school. Each separate notebook costs about 40 yen (USD0.36) and is available in A5 and B5 sizes with 30 pages each.


No.2: Double Ring Note

Afforestation paper

Double ring notebook

80 yen (USD0.73)


The paper is smooth inside, allowing the ink to glide perfectly. This double ring ruled notebook comes in beige and dark grey cover. It has 48 pages and is available in A7, A6, A5 and B5 sizes.

Recycled Paper Edition

This paper pulp comes from recycled newspaper and magazines. Compared to woodfree paper and planted wood paper, it’s slightly more rough.


No.1: Beautiful and elegant notebooks

Recycled paper notebook

70 yen (USD0.64)


Since the covers on both sides are plain, there isn’t any starting or ending point in this notebook. You can write in this book wherever you like without restrictions. Some of these notebooks also come with ruled lines. It consists of 30 pages and is available in A6, A5, A4 (7mm ruled), B6 and B5 (Non-ruled) sizes.


No.2: Passport size notebooks

Recycled paper

Passport memo

120 yen(USD1.09)


It’s called the passport memo notebook because the front cover looks like a passport. The ruled lines are different depending on the color of the covers. As a pocket size book, it’s easy to carry around.


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