The Daiso Craft Scissors is a Useful Stationery You Must Buy

The Daiso 100 Yen shop has everything from day-to-day items to excellent Japanese stationery. Since there are so many good quality products, we often tend to overlook some amazing items available such as the best Craft Scissors that is so value for money.


“Craft Scissors” (Daiso)

A pair of scissors is a simple working product that can be used to cut paper or cloth. However, there are many types of scissors available in the stores these days. For those who are into handmade goods or handicrafts, the scissors is an important set of tool. So, let’s find out more about Daiso’s Craft Scissors that cuts paper and cloth in a really cute manner.


Unlike general scissors, this unique scissors consists of pinking shears, which can cut paper leaving a “jagged” or “wavy” pattern. It is really useful for making cutouts for handicrafts as it takes no effort at all to get the pattern on paper or cloth. The colourful appearance of these scissors is attractive in red, purple, green, blue, pink and yellow. Furthermore, since the blades are printed with the “jagged” and “wavy” marks, you can identify and decide which pattern you want to use.

The scissors feel comfortably light when you hold them in your hands. The plastic handle is smooth and there is no incongruity in this perfectly balanced item. The movement of the blade is accurate and there is a sense of carefreeness while using.

We tried cutting paper with the jagged blade first. There is the familiar “crispy” sound of paper being cut into perfect jagged shape. This pair of scissors is suitable even for children to use as they don’t require the user to exert too much pressure in order to cut smoothly.


When the wavy blade is used, you will get the rounded design on the edges. It is perfect for making cute cards and handicraft items. One should be careful while switching the blades though as they are quite sharp.


Most of the users recommended this handy product, especially those who do paper craft as a hobby. The scissors are smooth and comfortable to use and they are one of the best products available at the Daiso 100 Yen shop.


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