The 5 Safest Countries in The World

As temperature rises, the thought of an exotic summer vacation overseas starts swirling in the minds of many. With an appreciation of the Japanese Yen, travelling out of Japan seems quite a good idea during the summer holidays. However, several uneasy questions related to security and places to visit start cropping up. Travelling to a new country always begins with some hesitation and uneasiness, especially for security reasons. To ease your troubled mind, here are the five safest countries in the world to travel to. Here’s the list for you.


  1. 5: Latvia

  2. Latvia, located in the Baltic States is a wonderful location for single travel. Ever since the introduction of Euros as currency in 2014, the number of people travelling from all around the world to Latvia has been increasing significantly.
  3. The old city of Riga, which is the capital city known as the Pearl of the Baltic Sea, is a registered World Heritage Site. You will not get tired of the fascinating and multicolored buildings and handmade goods of Latvia.
  4. Being surrounded with nature, Green tourism in Latvia is also prospering. There are so many outdoor activities available here that you will want to venture out even more. The folk cities are located in the forest with its untouched nature and beauty.


4. Cyprus

Greece has been garnering a lot of negative comments and image in the recent years due to the economic crisis. However, if you want to see the ruins of Chalk and the blue Aegean Sea at least once, the island country of Cyprus is recommended for you.


Cyprus is like a small Greece. You will be amazed at the breathtaking and ancient ruins in this country that have a rich history that dates back to 9000 years and is flourished with advanced culture. Cyprus is a very small country with half the area of Shikoku. It is known to be the birthplace of Goddess Venus. Wherever you look, you will be rewarded with beautiful scenery.


Cyprus is blessed with a temperate Mediterranean climate all year round. It is so easy to spend all the time here. The driving system here resembles Japan with its right hand drive with automatic cars.  Renting a car is therefore, a suitable option here.


  1. 3: Singapore

  2. Singapore is famous for its safe streets which is perfect for beginners at overseas. It is quite urban, with cleanliness and hygiene being taken quite seriously.
  3. If you look at the guide book, you can find delicious Chinese cuisine and places for afternoon tea. There are many attractions such as The Night Safari and dream cruises that suit both adults and children. It is also possible to enjoy luxurious moments in grands hotels that many have heard of at least once.
  4. Singapore is a small country just like the 23 Wards of Tokyo, and hence, is a pleasant and easy place to explore around even during a short vacation. Since it was once a British colony, the English language is prevalent here. Therefore you do not have to worry about communication here.


  1. 2: Israel

  2. Israel is one country where 99 % of Japanese would not think of visiting in their lifetime. The name itself evokes fear in the minds of people. However, with a strong security, Israel is more secured than ever imagined. The visitors travelling to Israel are increasing every year.
  3. Jerusalem, famous as the sacred land of three major religions, is a sacred ancient Israeli city that is also registered as a World Heritage Site. You can feel the mystery of ancient Israel and the roots of the faith that ties the people by staying here for a couple of days.
  4. A unique experience is to read books while dipping in the Dead Sea. The ruined city in the desert is another wonder that you cannot miss.


1: Poland

The country that tops the list for being the safest is Poland. Since 2016, direct flights between Narita and the capital Warsaw began. Under students travel ranking, Poland has gained the second highest growth rate since 2016 to 2017.


Sandwiched between Germany and Russia, the country has a history that is older than 1050 years. There are plenty of historical sites that are great sites for fans of world history. It is also quite fascinating to see how the restoration of Warsaw from a crack after more than 80 % of the city was destroyed during the Second World War.


Poland will surely welcome travelers from the world over! It is a country where many travelers return repeatedly, since one trip is not enough to satiate all the travelling desires.

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