The Must-have Home Storage Products from Muji

Storage is always key to maintain some sanctity in the house. Muji is a big name amongst people who love stationary and office products. But there’s more to this brand! The storage items manufactured by Muji help you organize the most cluttered places into sophisticated fashionable set-ups. They are stylish, take up very little space and most importantly functional. We ranked the top 5 storage units from last to first! Take a pick!

5th place: Organizing small objects is easy with this carry box

Polypropylene storage carry box · wide · white grey

990 yen (USD9.00)


This is a box with 6 partitions that can be used to store various small objects such as stationery. It’s easy to carry around by the handle and is perfect for office spaces! Partition board can be easily detached and long items can be stored horizontally with ease.


The measurements are about W150 × H80 × D320 mm.


[Ratings by experts]

Design: 7.0 points

Functionality: 7.0 points

3rd place: Storage space inside your closet hanger

Note: The third place is a tie between the following amazing products by Muji.

Hanging storage · shirt pocket

2490 yen (USD22.64)


This is one of the best space-saving product! This hanging storage can be placed inside your closet efficiently. The pockets are good to store shirts, ties, even magazines and documents.

Organize shirts easily. On the back is a loop hooking a tie. Bag pockets and so on are also available in the same series



Design: 7.5 points

Functionality: 7.5 points

3rd place: Clothing storage re-defined

Nonwoven cloth partition case with adjustable height. Medium. 2 sheets included

790 yen (USD7.18)


One of the most annoying aspects of organizing your home is folding and storing clothes in the correct manner. They take up a lot of space and can go helter-skelter when you are taking them out. You can adjust the height of the partition bag according to your needs. You can even use it as an inner lining for rattan baskets.


Design: 7.0 points

Functionality: 8.0 points

2nd place: A retro iron box ideal for storage

Steel Tool Box 1

1190 yen (USD10.81)


This sturdy steel box can not only be used to store small tools, it also allows up to 3 layers of stacking. It has a load capacity of 1.5 kg. The measurements are about W 200 × H 60 × D 110 mm.

It is highly recommended for use as a first aid kit keeping items such as medicine and bandages. It is also productive for storing various tools to stock your workshop supplies together



Design: 9.5 points

Functionality: 6.0 points

1st place: A rustic hand-knitted basket that can be stacked and comes with various colors

Overlapping Rattan Rectangular Basket. Medium

2890 yen (USD26.27)


These rattan baskets are magnificently designed and fit perfectly with any home decor. They come in various sizes so you can manage them according to the space available in your house.

The product comes in various sizes. It is fun to combine them after considering what to store with the layout of the shelves


Although there are many different types of storage products, a wrong product can create more disorder than helping in organizing your house.


The best way to buy storage products is to figure out what you need to store and measure the space available before you make a purchase. It is most important and meaningful to remember where things are kept after storing them.



Design: 7.0 points

Functionality: 9.5 points

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