The Power of Panasonic RULO Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning is one of the most time consuming affair of all the household chores, especially if there are young children in the house. There are always rice grains, paper scraps, and dust on the floor and it is hard to keep the floor spotless. It is so inevitable that no matter how much effort the wife makes, when her husband returns home from work he wonders whether or not the house has been cleaned at all. It is that challenging to keep things clean, neat, and orderly when a family has young children at home.


When you need help in cleaning the house, try the Panasonic robotic vacuum cleaner “RULO”. Let’s check out how the RULO helps in keeping the floor sparkling clean.


Before use: It’s hard to believe that a robotic vacuum cleaner can be so efficient

Here is the house of the author, Mrs Kaede Mizutani, where Rulo vacuum cleaner was employed.

  • Mizutani’s Household Data
    Household Composition: 2 adults & 3 children (7 years old, 5 years old, 3 years old)
    Building Type: 2-storey house (It is a rented house so extra caution has to be made when cleaning!)
    Existing Vacuum Cleaners: 3 units (2 Rechargeable types & 1 Cordless type)


Earlier, the family used to sleep on the second floor. However after the 2018 Osaka earthquake, the children were frightened and the family started sleeping in the living room on the first floor. Since they spend most of their time in the living room now, keeping this one room clean will be satisfactory enough for the entire family.


Before trying out RULO, the family was not sure if it will be efficient in cleaning the house due to the following four reasons:


  1. 1. They do not believe that a robotic vacuum cleaner can clean up to satisfaction
  2. 2. There will definitely be corners in the room or places that the RULO will not be able to reach. That will require someone to do it later, manually
  3. 3. Everyone will be in trouble if the vacuum cleaner hits the floor and furniture inside the house are made of wood
  4. 4. It is expensive and not worth its cost


The family tested RULO to see whether it can overcome the above listed challenges.


ROUND 1: Second level Western-style room

The room on the second floor is quite small and has a western interior design. This room was the first to be cleaned.


Although this room is seldom used, dust accumulates all the time. Even when the family often uses a regular vacuum cleaner to keep the place tidy, it is difficult to clean up every nook and cranny of the room.


It was time to experiment with something new. So, the family tried RULO and it started working right away.


RULO sourced for the finest speck of dust particles, grains, feathers, etc. and clean them up nicely.


Since it is a small appliance, RULO maneuvered under the furniture easily to clean efficiently. Not only does it perform well to standards, RULO also looks really great.


The Mizutani family could have watched RULO clean up the entire house but the first charge wasn’t sufficient. Thus RULO automatically returned to the charging base for charging after a short while. Eventually RULO was left to charge on its own while the family went out.


When they returned home a couple of hours later, they were really surprised!

The job was done really well with the house perfectly cleaned. The vacuum cleaner did all the hard work while everyone was out having fun. The family was impressed with the efficiency of RULO and started calling it RULO-kun affectionately.

It was clean enough for the children to cuddle on the floor after RULO had finished all the work.


ROUND 2: First floor living room & kitchen

RULO had proven its worth to the family but they wanted to know how it will perform in the first floor living room where the family spends most of their time. So, the second testing stage for the Panasonic robotic vacuum cleaner was the living room and kitchen.


The living room is stocked with furniture. There’s also a cushioning joint mat that covers half of the room. The kitchen is also crowded with appliances and is more complicated to clean compare to the second level.

The area below the table is always the dirtiest with bits and pieces of food crumbs.

The RULO could overcome uneven ground.

The length of this appliance seemed wide and one would think that it will not be able to pass between the legs of the chair. However, RULO brilliantly cleaned through the furniture gaps without any fuss.


It was really efficient working through narrow corridors as well!

It moves in a way as though it can see the dimensions of the room and turns splendidly around sharp corners.

The RULO whizzed around gracefully and impressed the family with its strong suction and mapping smarts. To test its performance, the Mizutani family placed their computer on the floor and put a chair in front of it to form a barricade. They then monitored the robotic vacuum cleaner closely. The smart device did not get into contact with any object while moving around. It slowed down, quickly pivoted away as soon as it detected an obstacle nearby thus avoiding bumping the walls or the furniture.

The floor that was filled with food remnants earlier has become as shiny as new.

It took plenty of effort to clean the space below the table previously. Now RULO-kun can venture under the table and clean it effortlessly.

It collected quite a bin full of garbage. (Sorry if you are eating while reading this!)


ROUND 3: RULO’s plunge test! Will it fall off the edge?

Just to be sure, the hands were extended in case RULO dropped

This is a very impressive device as it did not get into contact with the walls or the furniture. It would be fascinating to see how it operates on the edge of stairways. Out of curiosity, the family decided to give RULO a plunge test to determine if it really doesn’t fall at the entrance step.


The family tried but before the device fell, it quickly pivoted away. The sensor feature was really impressive.


RULO’s Value to Cost is amazing

You can start controlling RULO with a smartphone and there is a notification when cleaning is completed. The family received a message when the cleaning was completed by RULO while they were shopping.

The space mapping feature (pictured above) is also excellent as the app allows you to create a floor plan that marks the areas that require more cleaning in red. You only need to clean up those areas where there is a lot of trash. This is indeed a very high-tech home appliance.


The noise of RULO can also be moderated through the controls on the appliance as well as via the app. If you are working while RULO is cleaning, the noise can be tuned down so that you don’t get disturbed. However, the cleaning process could take longer with the suction power reduced. So if you do not find the whirring sound annoying, it is better to let RULO clean without any sound moderation.


RULO became a member of the family

The 7 days of experimentation with RULO went smoothly. The entire Mizutani household felt that RULO was a part of their family. It saved them much trouble and time that went into cleaning and keeping the house tidy. With RULO, all they had to do was to turn it on and nobody had to worry about cleaning under the tables or the corners of the house. Furthermore, RULO worked effortlessly through all the gaps without disturbing the family.


RULO cleaned up the place in the background while the children were doing their homework and drawing, or while the family watched videos on a PC. It is important not to interfere with the daily life of the family while the effective vacuum cleaner cleans.


This powerful device works really well, especially for a huge family with children and obeys like a subordinate to keep the house well maintained.


The psychological stress of the adults finding time to clean the house is significantly reduced. RULO keeps the house neat and maintains a clean space for the family to spend time together. The time saved by RULO was also productively spent by the family in doing other daily tasks.

It also helps that RULO avoid objects that are placed on the floor and does not crash into anything. The machine slows down as it approaches and senses objects on the floor. This is an important feature for the safety of children, especially when they are playing on the floor.


The price of the RULO Panasonic robotic vacuum cleaner is 159,840 yen ($1453.09) at the time of publishing. This would seem rather expensive. However, considering the usage of twice a day for the next three years, the cost comes down to about 73 yen ($0.66) for each clean-up done! This smart vacuum cleaner may seem like a huge investment but considering the cleanliness of the house and the time that is saved, it certainly lives up to its cost-performance. After using RULO for 7 days, the Mizutani household is planning to purchase one.


This is a highly recommended must-have product for families with small children, parents who are busy with their jobs and yet the house needs to be cleaned very often. RULO will surely make your lives easier by taking care of the cleaning intelligently while you can spend more time with your family.

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