These Fast food Chains have Changed Their Names

The famous fast food chain “Dunkin Donuts” announced in October 2018 that they will be changing their iconic brand name. The well-known brand announced that the word “donuts” shall be excluded and the brand will be referred to as “Dunkin” from January 2019 onwards. This announcement has caused a buzz in the U.S. among Dunkin Donut fans and news channels alike. However, it is not the first time a fast food company has been re-named for rebranding. Let’s find out which major fast food restaurants had a recent name change.


“Dunkin” to focus more on premier beverages!

“Dunkin Donuts” has enjoyed huge popularity among people of all ages in the U.S. They have been known around the world for their classic fast food including a range of donuts and premier beverages. After 18 years of successful operation the brand decided to remove “donuts” from its brand name. The reason is largely due to more coffee being sold than the doughnuts nowadays. In the caffeine obsessed America, that’s no surprise that 60% of the sales at Dunkin Donuts are dominated by coffee. Taking this into consideration, this major fast food chain has decided to revamp the beverage menu and let consumers know that they are more than just doughnuts. Dunkin also has ambitious plans for 1000 more new stores that will be established throughout the U.S. by 2020. It is clear that the brand will be more inclined towards the cafe industry rather than only fast food.


The name “KFC” was adopted to avoid an unhealthy image!

“KFC” is a familiar fast food chain even in Japan. Although the brand is now known as KFC, it was initially called “Kentucky Fried Chicken”. The official reason for the name change was the Kentucky State trademarked its name in 1990. This resulted in Kentucky Fried Chicken having to pay a license fee to use the name “Kentucky”. So eventually, Kentucky Fried Chicken changed its name to KFC in 1991. Furthermore the brand wanted to avoid the use of the word “fried” since “fried” also means “High on drugs” and KFC is more than just fried stuff.


There were also rumors that implied the food chain was using “mutant” chemically engineered birds in its food products. Thus, the company was forced to avoid any negative association by changing its name.


“Domino” offers much more than pizzas!

“Domino’s pizza” was started in the 1960’s as a pizza delivering chain. In its initial days of operation, the fast food joint has a simple logo with red and blue Domino tiles and a pizza. However, in 2012, the brand deleted the letter of pizza from its logo even though pizza is still the main food item in the menu. The reason behind the logo change was that the owners and managers believed “Domino’s” is a good enough brand name. This food chain has grown exponentially across the globe and it caters to international tastes serving not only pizzas.


These internationally renowned American fast food chains have evolved over time. Now that you know the reasons behind the changes, it will be interesting when you see the brand names and logos in the future.

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