Top 7 Epic Capsule Hotels in Japan

In the past, when people heard the term “Capsule Hotels”, they would think “Narrow and Dirty”. Now, things are different. Capsule hotels are all the rage because of how comfortable they are and obviously their affordability as well. There are some capsule hotels that provide a VR experience and pool facilities as well.So without further ado, let’s get to the top capsule hotels in Japan.

1. 9H Kitashinjuku: The Spaceship

The Kitashinjuku is a capsule hotel that symbolise a spaceship. The 9H in the name of the hotel has meaning. It’s 1 hour to bathe, 7 hours to sleep and 1 hour to get ready. This clearly states the function of the hotel and what people can expect.
9H also offers nap stays plan from 1000 yen (first 1 hour). Apart from that, if you have work to do, then you can rent one of their work desks for 300 yen per 1 hour, max 2,000yen (24h).
An entire stay would cost 4900 yen. Post check in, customers have access to their own locker rooms and can change to the special 9H clothing.

2. Anshin Oyado Ogikubo: Hot Spring baths and All you can eat curry

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Anshin Oyado Ogikubo is the hot spring baths, that is open throughout the day. For breakfast, you get a complimentary curry buffet. The hotel also offers free drinks, massage chairs and you can take printouts in the lounge.
Coming to the capsule, each capsule is equipped with a LCD TV, headphones and an alarm clock. To make sure you sleep comfortably, simmons mattresses and pillows have been provided.Price for a night is 4480 yen.

3. Grand Park Inn Kitasenju: Get the VR experience

The Grand Park Inn Kitasenju costs about 3800 yen for a night. The hotel has a public bath, a whirlpool and a sauna. There is a relaxation room that has around 3000 manga comics for entertainment.
They have a high end cabin called the theater premium cabin that comes equipped with a television and a VR headset.

4. Prime Pod Ginza : The Wooden Masterpiece

The Prime Pod has a lot of wood furniture as part of their decor. This is a tribute to the city of Ginza. It costs about 3500 yen for a night. The facilities include free luggage storage, Serta Mattresses in the capsule, security deposit box and more.
The front desk staff help with travel plans and can guide you to the closest restaurants and help with finding transportation.In the hotel, there’s a cafe, bar and a lounge.

5. Resort Capsule Sakuragicho: Hotel facilities with the budget of a capsule hotel

Located in the basement of the Breeze Bay hotel, the Resort Capsule offers hotel facilities such as breakfast and access to the swimming pool for their customers. Every capsule has an alarm clock and a TV. They are also soundproof.
The location of this hotel is perfect because of the access to the Sakuragicho station, which is 3 minutes away.

6. Hotel Cabana: Gym and Spa Facilities for Men

This hotel has luxury combined with affordability for male guests. Hotel Cabana has a spa that has an indoor pool, a gym and a sauna. All these are available to the guests for free.
Apart from that, there’s a hot tub, a relaxation lounge with individual TV’s and a tanning machine. If you had a long day of sightseeing, you can relax with a Thai or a Shiatsu massage.
Coming to the capsules, they are large and can accommodate tall people as well. You can use the blinds in your capsule to get some privacy. There is also a TV within the capsule.Toiletries are free that include skin care creams as well. It costs from 4100 yen for a night.

7. Tokyo Ginza Bay Hotel: True Japanese Style and Functionality

The Ginza Bay is located right in the middle of Tokyo. It’s a 6 minute walk to reach the Higashi Ginza station. And it’s only a 40 minute train ride to Haneda airport.This hotel is a tribute to Japan’s design style with walls covered with Japanese art. Towels and toothbrushes are free of charge.
It costs about 4000 yen for a night.

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