What are the Latest Cool Virtual Reality Gadgets for 2019 to Look Out For?

2018 was a busy year for the Virtual Reality (VR) hardware industry especially stand-alone VR headsets gaining higher popularity. These VR devices offer unique experiences with the emphasis on “practicality” and are looking to drive the market even during the next year. Let’s dive in to learn more about some VR trends that we can pay attention to in the year 2019.


Use of VR experience has expanded beyond movies and games

Some of the most popular consumer VR accessories in the year 2018 would have been Oculus Go mobile headset and Lenovo Mirage Solo VR headset. Oculus also has various other products in the VR domain and its latest self-contain “Oculus Quest” VR headset will be launched in the market soon. The increase in demand of VR accessories was attributed by the expansion of VR video games or movies, but now it is spreading due to social platforms with online interaction that are now a major part of this digital age.


It is becoming common for consumers to own VR headsets. We feel that VR has become a popular frame in the field of communication and this is quite likely to grow exponentially along the next couple of years.


Part 1Comes with 6DoF enabling realistic VR experience


Oculus Quest 

Price TBD

Scheduled to be released in 2019

The Oculus Quest is a stand-alone VR headset that is supported by Android OS and can be set up easily for different uses. This incredible VR headset is incorporated with 6DoF (Degrees Of Freedom) tracking that allow back and forth, left and right, up and down movements, and has excellent controllers that reflects the movements of the user instantly.

SPEC ● OS: Android ● Resolution: 1600×1440×2 ● Storage: 64GB ● Tracking: 6DoF ● Controller: 2 ● Refresh rate: 72Hz

Two controllers are included. The positions and movements of both hands are accurately replicated and the device makes it possible to perform actions such as grasping or throwing items. There is even a feeling of resistance

A hit in 2018!

Oculus Go 32GB

23,800 yen ($ 216.36)

The Oculus Go starts at a very reasonable price considering its advanced features and convenience of use without the need to connect to a PC or game machine. It corresponds to 3DoF that allows movement of the head in three directions and it comes with a single controller. More than 1,000 applications are available to fully utilize this VR headset.


Part 2 Next-generation “VR conference” that enables working from remote locations

Remote work is on the rise and has been adopted by many companies over the course of the years. Nowadays, VR conferencing encourages remote work culture and enables participants to interact with one another using an avatar, allowing the participants to concentrate completely on the discussion at the comfort of their home.

Synamon Inc.


NEUTRANS BIZ offers VR conference system for business where participants can connect in the VR space. Using avatars, participants can communicate with such realistic sensation including facial movements and hand gestures. Visual images and 3D materials can also be shared in the VR space.


※ NEUTRANS BIZ charges 10,800 yen ($98.18) per month per license. The minimum number of subscription is 5 licenses for a contract period of 6 months. An additional initial set up fee of 1,080,000 yen ($ 9818.18) is required which includes 2 sets of VR equipment.

NEUTRANS BIZ allows PC screens to be displayed on huge monitors in the VR space. All materials can be shared by participants with each other


VR Experience Tester

 Yuya Tamatsukuri, editor for GetNavi web

Mr Tamatsukuri experienced one of the VR conferences using Oculus Go. Since interactions were conveyed by the movement of the avatar, the quality was not in the least inferior to videoconferencing in the amount of information that is necessary for communication. He said that even in the discussion places such as brainstorming, the presence will be fully transmitted.


The use of VR in the entertainment industry is also predicted to rise. VR platform “cluster” has held many events where participating avatars gather within a VR space, enjoying live music and interacting with the virtual talent.


Kaguya Luna LIVE @ Zepp VR

Virtual live music was held in the Zepp VR space on August 31, 2018 where popular VTuber “Kaguya Luna” performed her first live concert. The cost per ticket was 5,000 yen ($ 45.45) and they were sold out immediately.



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