Zalipie: Experience the charm of the beautiful village in Poland

One of the gorgeous house we can see at Zalipie

There are many beautiful and charming small towns and villages that you may find in various parts of Europe. One of them is Zalipie, a tiny but incredibly picturesque village in southern Poland. This colourful village is famous for its unique floral pattern paintings everywhere. The entire village emits a fairy-tale like vibe with gorgeous polish folk patterns drawn on the houses, churches, fire stations, and even on trees.


Zalipie is located about 100km northeast of Krakow, which is known as the prettiest main cities of Poland. In recent years the number of foreign tourists visiting Poland has risen thus leading to an increase in the popularity of Zalipie as well.


In the centre of the village, you will find dozen of wooden houses drawn with colourful flowery patterns. Surrounded by these uniquely enchanting paintings, you feel as though you have entered a world of picture books and fairy tales. Since the entire place is picturesque, tourists are often attracted to capture brilliant photographs here.

Even the interior of the house is covered with painting

You can find traditional floral patterns painted on the dog kennels, and for the house interior, the walls, ceiling, stairs, as well as kitchen utensils and children’s toys are all covered with creative designs. The works are entirely handcrafted by the innovative villagers, so much so that you will not find the same pattern at different places.


People living in Zaripie learn how to draw traditional flower patterns at school, and such lessons are also held for the interested public. There are short courses for tourists to enrol in; such classes generally end in a few hours. For serious learners, some courses are available for duration of a couple of weeks. However, prior arrangement is required to take such classes.

This is the work of a Japanese painter

It was at the end of the 19th century that the tradition of floral painting was started in Zalipie. This all began when the villagers painted their walls and ceiling that became black with soot from the chimney with floral motifs. Initially, the colours that were used to draw the patterns were very limited. But as powder paint gained traction in the market for public use, the village colours became more and more vibrant.

Notice for the 54th Painted Cottage Competition

An exciting painting competition that is enjoyed by the villagers is held yearly.  The best season to visit Zalipie is right after the contest is over since every house will have a fresh coat of artwork. The paint contests are usually held on weekends after the “Corpus Christ”, which is a moveable holiday. For 2018, they were held in early June as May 31st was a holiday.

The cultural centre “Dom Malarek” that also serves as a work centre

The Dom Malarek (House of Painters) is the place to visit if you want to see Zalipie’s most gorgeous works of art. Here, you can get a guided map describing the highlights of Zalipie. There are also cafés and rest facilities available near the cultural centre, making it easier to find the must-go places for sightseeing.

Popular souvenirs of Zalipie

When visiting Poland, do not miss out on the stunning village of Zalipie. The traditional art that is boasted by this amazing village should be seen and appreciated. The relaxing countryside and friendly villagers as well as the bright floral designs will definitely create the perfect environment to unwind yourself.

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